Technology should just WORK

We all know that’s not always the case. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and better. But sometimes (just sometimes), deciding what you need, what to buy, and how to set it up…and how to fix it can be intimidating, overwhelming, and time consuming.

As a Digital Lifestyle Expert, I understand that the idea of integrating technology into your personal and professional routine is a awesome concept, but the implementation can prove to be a task in and of itself. I want people to see the benefits of technology, and I’m willing to devote my tech talent and time to helping you get the most out your of gadgets and services.

Doesn’t matter if you need to pick my brain to choose the right smartphone, tablet, computer, or software (and apps) for your personal/business use, or need help setting up mobile POS (Point Of Sale) systems so you can accept credit cards…anywhere – I can help you get up and running…”like a bawse”.

Technology Services:

  • Personal, Home, Business, and Event Advisement
  • Implementation and Project Management
  • Training and Education
  • Troubleshooting and Support

Need to decide if you want to continue to go at it alone or call in the big guns? Here are six reasons to hire a Digital Lifestyle Expert and how they can help.

I offer my services via on-line sessions globally, or in-person appointments if you’re local to the Atlanta metro area, and it doesn’t matter how small you think your issue is. If done right, the smallest “tech tune-up” can make a world of difference…and I want you to “Adopt the Digital Lifestyle” so be sure to visit my contact page to drop me a line to see if we can get your tech world squared away.

PR & Speaking


I named my site BrothaTech because, well, I’m a Brotha that’s into Technology (Didn’t feel like beating around the bush with naming my site) Specifically, I love gadgets and gizmos.

I can chat it up with best geeks and nerds, but my readers keep coming back because I break it all down in a non-techie manner that’s easy to digest and implement. As a result, my site has evolved into a brand, where people now refer to me in public as “BrothaTech”.

In other words, I have positioned myself as Digital Lifestyle Expert and a go-to source when people want to know more about how technology can improve their everyday lives.

Specific areas of interest

  • Mobile Devices
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Software, Web & Mobile Apps

Previous and current brand partnerships Include Samsung, Verizon Wireless, Sonos, Evernote, TripIt, HotelTonight, to name a few.

So I would love to work with you (full disclosure of course, don’t have the time for legal issues) in spreading your brand’s message with my readers who trust and value my honest and open opinion.

Tech Pundit/Speaker/Personality

brothatech speaking┬áNot only do I offer product reviews, sponsored posts, giveaways & contests, advertising and sponsorship opportunities on my site, I’m also a technology contributor to various sites around the web that can add a fresh tech perspective to your publication, and a speaker willing to school your audience on a myriad of technology subjects:

Sample Topics:

  • Mobile Professional: Apps for your Small Business
  • How To Avoid Social Media Overload
  • Blogger Best Practices: Home Office Tech Setup
  • Have Smartphone, Will Blog: Mobile Blogging Strategies
  • Kiddie Tech: Keeping Your Kids Engaged But Safe Online
  • Back ‘Dat Asset Up: Data Backup/Recovery Planning for Non-Techies

In addition to contributing and speaking, I’m available for interviews/quotes for publications (web or print), or radio/podcast/TV appearances for your show. I’m light on my feet and can curate my content to fit right into your show’s flow.

All that to say, if you’re cooking something up that has anything to do with technology, it’s probably a good idea to visit my contact page and “let a Brotha know.”

About Terrance Gaines

Chief Gadget Officer

Terrance gaines

Terrance Gaines

My passion for gadgets and technology has evolved from a “thing” I do every once in a while to help family and friends, to a blog in order to share my love of all things tech with other techies (and to stop getting on my wife’s nerves), to a brand that helps people and companies “Adopt the Digital Lifestyle”.

Mobile devices and consumer electronics are my heart, but I also dabble in all things technology. I’ve been a tech-blogger/freelance writer covering a wide-range of geeky subjects since 2008. I’m also a technology consultant (I prefer the term Tech Concierge) for individuals, small businesses, and events.

I’ve also been tapped to speak on technology subjects at local event and nation-wide conferences. I even fix smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

…In other words, I’m a certified Digital Lifestyle Expert, AKA:

Technology Evangelist
Chief Gadget Officer
“Jack of ALL Tech”
Whether I’m talking about the latest technology news, reviewing the hottest gadgets, or helping visitors get the most out of their gadgets, you can find it ALL here…Because honestly, I don’t have the time to manage multiple sites. Check out my bio below to find out why.


2013 BrothaTech geek

Who has two thumbs and is a tech geek?

Terrance Gaines, AKA BrothaTech, has been interested in technology ever since he can remember. It started when Terrance and his brother shoveled snow in the winter to make enough money to buy video games for their Nintendo Entertainment System. His tech roots also include working at an electronics store selling Audio/Video gear to make extra money during college.

In 2008, he decided to share his techie background and unique writing skills, and created, a personal blog where he discussed technology trends and topics and reviewed gadgets he was interested in. His blog has been recognized by the Black Weblog Awards and the Small Biz Influencer Awards in 2011 and 2012. He has also been a guest on many podcasts and radio shows as the resident “techspert” giving listeners the lowdown on current and future technology trends.

Via BrothaTech, Terrance has worked some of his favorite brands including Verizon Wireless, Sonos, Samsung, Kensington, Evernote, and more.

Shortly after, he started his freelance career and has penned technology articles of various subjects for Black Web 2.0, Small Biz Go Mobile, The Atlanta Post (now Madame Noire), AppScout (A PC Magazine blog), Black Enterprise, and Uptown Magazine, in addition to guest posting for many other sites.

Terrance has expanded his services from a tech blogger/pundit, to a recognized speaker where he has presented at various local events and national conferences including Chocolate Chat Atlanta Meetup, Show Me the Blog Social Media Conference, Hispanicize, and Blogging While Brown Conference to name a few.

Terrance hasn’t stopped at merely attending and speaking at conference and events. The consulting arm of his brand includes events where he is the Technology advisor for the the nationally-recognized (and his favorite) Blogalicious Conference. Future projects include his own weekly podcast and hosting technology events in the Metro Atlanta area.

Terrance has stayed true to his gadget roots, and moonlights as an gadget repair specialist. All this while holding down the fort as a devoted husband and father of two of the cutest girls you will ever see in Atlanta, GA. remains the virtual home for Terrance where he still loves to talk about about his favorite gadgets, apps, and other tech topics, while helping visitors “Adopt the Digital Lifestyle”.

Want to work with Terrance? Visit the Contact page for more information.