Is Your Backup Strategy Trash?

3 Reasons Why Your Small Biz Backup Strategy Is Trash

A backup is one of those things where you don’t need it until you NEED it. I will admit that most of the time, your devices and data are fine. BUT when something goes wrong and your devices fail or come up missing, you’re shook.

Even still, with the sheer amount of dependency we have on our devices, there will be people who think nothing will ever happen to their devices or data — Those people can kick rocks.

The people I want to talk to are the people who know backing up their data is important…and even have tried to backup their data, but for some reason or another they didn’t follow through or not sure if they can get their data back if something happens. Here are 3 reasons why your backup strategy is trash.

1. You haven’t completed your first backup

The first backup is definitely the longest. Most backup services have to go through and backup everything on the first try, which can take hours, depending on the amount of data you have.

A common myth is you can’t touch your computer until the backup is complete. As a result, most people don’t let the first backup finish because they just can’t wait to goof around on Facebook complete essential tasks.

Yes, you can continue to use your computer during backups. Ideally, you should let it run with little interaction so it can complete faster, but your computer won’t die or run slower if you use your computer during your first and successive backups.

2. You haven’t backed up in fifty-eleven hundred days

What’s the point of completing your first full backup if you’re not making sure your devices and data stay backed up? “Stay ready and you won’t have to get ready”

Depending on how you backup your devices and data, you will have to do some administration and management to make sure your devices are regularly backed up— or you can hit me up and I can do it for you #PLUG. In the end, keeping a recent backup is essential to getting back up and running without losing as little time OR DATA as possible.

So quit ignoring that little Time Machine “hasn’t backed up in fifty-eleven hundred days” notification and make some time to take care of business

3. You only have one backup

You have completed your first backup — Check. You make sure your backup stays backed up — Check. But my question is what happens to your computer…and your backup. Look, if it can happen to me, better believe that you can lose your computer and your single backup…Then what?

The perfect backup strategy is: Multiple backups in multiple locations. That way you are double-covered in case of an emergency. At the very least, you need one ONSITE backup and one OFFSITE backup. The onsite back up can consist of an backing up to an external hard drive or NAS (Network Attached Storage). The offsite consists of a backup stored someplace other than the main location of your computer. The main practice is to keep external hard drives in fire proof safes, like these ones you can buy from arbejdsbord til lageret.

In my opinion, the preferred offsite backup option would be an online/cloud backup service that is not only backed up in a remote location, but is also encrypted for security, and automatically backs your computer up any time it’s connected to the internet.

Tip: Don’t depend on cloud SYNC services like Dropbox because their intent is to only synchronize (not backup) your files across multiple devices. A real backup handles files, systems preferences, configurations, and other data you probably didn’t know lived on your devices but is important.

Is your backup strategy trash?

If you can address the above 3 reasons why your backup strategy is trash, you will be on the way to solid technology strategy your family and/or business as a whole.

And I’m not talking out of the side of my neck either. I get regular inquiries from people who are in a situation where their computer has died and they are frantic because essentially, their entire life is gone. Why not go ahead and time care of it now, so you don’t have to worry about it later?


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