3 Reasons Why You Should Use The Cloud Personally and Professionally

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I know, you still don’t trust the cloud with all your data and I get it. Either you don’t think you have enough content to justify the investment of time and money into moving more of you daily operations off your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Or maybe it’s just you feel more ‘in control’ when you know where your files are being stored. Well, you’re not alone. There are many people that are still unconvinced by the cloud and its many imperfections, though much is being done to ensure that the cloud is as safe and secure as possible. Many businesses are making use of cloud access security brokers to reduce all security risks associated with cloud services. If your business is intruiged by this idea, you may want to have a look at somewhere like gasystems.com.au for some more information on cloud access security.

Recently, I’ve heard about or directly witnessed where the cloud [could have] ‘come through in the clutch’ if only the people would have adopted the cloud more for their everyday computing/storage/synchronization efforts.

Before I get into the why, I just want to let you in on a little secret…You’re probably already using the cloud.

If you have a website and you don’t host all the blog posts, videos and pictures on your computer…You’re using the cloud. If you’re uploading images/videos to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube and Pinterest to those services…You’re using the cloud. If you do anything online and “the innanets” don’t have to constantly access your home/work server to retrieve and display your data… Guess what? You’re using the cloud. All that say, if you’re still not sure of the cloud, you might as well stop giving up all your data online in the first place.

Now that’s out of the way, with a better password than your last name and the year you were born stronger security practices in place, utilizing the cloud has its advantages.
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1. Collabo’s

Who emails a bunch of documents back and forth anymore? My bad…a TON of people still do. What if you could upload an important document to a cloud storage service like Google Drive, give users access to that document, and work on it together in real time?

Well you can, and doing it this way can foster more creativity and productivity, versus hunting through your already filled to the brim inbox to search for the most recent document version in a thread of twenty-eleven messages where people are allergic to turning off “reply to all”?

If anything, providing a link to your proposal, bio, article pitch, or document in an email where you can control access, versus zipping up your files because they have exceeded the upload limit, is more professional (Well, to me anyways).

…And don’t get me started on sending out documents that need to be signed. There are tons of services where you can request eSignatures of your cloud-stored documents, so your recipients are not printing out, signing, and re-scanning documents to then email them back to you.

Side Note: If anybody asks me for my fax number 2014, I will reach through the Internet and slap them.

2. Keep the Party Goin’

A colleague mentioned on Facebook that she spilled tea on her laptop. Thankfully it still worked, but any Tech Geek worthy of the title will tell you (like I did her) to IMMEDIATELY TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER and give it atleast 12-24 hours to completely dry before you power it back on. Her main concern (after “I’m scared it won’t come back on”) was “I’m mad that this will mess with my work schedule”

While she would’ve had to make a trip to her public library to use a computer, had she been saving/syncing her data to the cloud she would’ve had access to her documents and files so she could pick up where she left off without hardly any interruption.

Now that services like Apple iWork for iCloud, Google Docs/Drive, Microsoft Office 365, and Adobe Creative Cloud are offering more web-enabled services, you can easily get all your work done in the event of a hardware failure as long as you can access the web. I can’t count how many times people have come to me pleading for help after a dead Hard Drive. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when…

3. Lose Yourself

If you’re like me, your entire life is on your phone. Real Talk: I don’t know my Momma’s phone number by heart (Sorry Momma). So if I lost my phone or if it was stolen, I would be (for lack of a better term) shook.

Not only can the cloud backup and synchronize your documents and other data, you can keep your mobile contacts, calendars, text messages, notes, tasks, and other information backed up to the cloud, so in the the event you’re torn away from “The Precious” for whatever reason, your personal information can be restored to a new device without any effort.

Personally, I switch smartphones almost daily. All I have to do is move my SIM card to a new device, connect to the internet, and all my personal data is synced to the new device.

Sure, the proactive route of rounding up and organizing all your content, finding a good cloud service (I use Copy, just in case you’re wondering), uploading your data, and linking all your devices takes time. On the flip side, knowing your data is current, easily accessible, and backed up is much better being reactionary and going into “panic mode” when you’re hardware fails.

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when…

If you’re already the cloud, testify to these fools be sure to share you’re tips, tricks, and go-to services for managing your data.