3 Reasons To Use a VPN On Your Mobile Device

Be careful, entrepreneurs, small businesses owners, frequent travelers, and coffee shop snobs regulars aren’t the only ones taking advantage of free public Wi-Fi. Other “users” are dying to get a hold of your public browsing data that you’re potentially serving up to them on a silver platter every time you log on to public Wi-Fi via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 

This isn’t a scare tactic to stop you from using public Wi-Fi. Keeping your data safe while your browse the web in public is as simple as using a virtual private network (VPN) before you start browsing. But you do need to know who else is after your browsing habits so you can be aware and prepared.

So who wants your data? Here are three culprits looking to know where you go and what you do on the web

Mooching Hackers

The number one culprit looking for a quick and easy pay-day from snooping around public Wi-Fi spots are hackers looking to gain access of your device in order to view your browsing history and log your keystrokes to quite possibly gain access to your financial accounts and other sensitive data when you bank online.

Nosey Wireless Carriers

Not only do wireless carriers want to charge you an arm and a leg for wireless service on your mobile devices, they want to see where you’re going on the web so they can sell your history to advertisers…and make more money. Most of the carriers have stopped doing this, but aren’t legally forced to do so. So at any time, wireless carriers can flip the switch, collect your data, and sell it to highest bidder.

Wi-Fi Sniffing Drones

Marketers could go through wireless carriers to get your browsing data, or they could skip the middleman and deploy drones that literally post up outside of Wi-Fi hot spots, picks up on devices connected to those hot spots, and follows users around collecting their data. Yay future!?

How a private VPN protects your data
Keeping it simple, using a VPN when you browse the web on a mobile device can not only compress your data so you use less and keep it from being throttled by your wireless carrier, it can also encrypt your data with 256-bit encryption while you browse. In other words, utilizing a VPN adds speed, security, and privacy to your data.

You don’t have to be a computer genius to set up and use a VPN. I reccommend services like PureVPN lets you add devices to a private encrypted network where you can browse the web via your wireless carrier’s network, or on a public Wi-Fi hotspot. PureVPN does all the work keeping you safe while you browse the web without worrying about being tracked or hacked. Another reason why I recommend PureVPN is because they don’t deal with how much data you use per month. One fee, unlimited data, multiple devices…Simple and to the point.

Everyone is on the web nowadays. That browsing data is just like gold to internet companies, marketers, and thieves alike. If you don’t appreciate other folks possibly sharing or stealing your data, check out PureVPN and let me know what you think.

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