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30-Day Windows Phone Challenge – Week 3

30 Day Windows Phone Challenge - Week 3 via

This week’s Windows Phone Challenge video was filmed spur of the moment on location, using the front camera on my Nokia Lumia 928. I could’ve waited until I got home (or found my glasses), but I wanted to put the phone to good use, and I wanted to the the ideas out of my head before I lost them.

This week there is bad news (Wearable Tech) and good news (Vine and Instagram)

Bad News
I’m a fan of wearable technology and have a couple of devices I own and wear on a daily basis. Right now, they are just jewerly.

Good News
Although not official, the Windows Phone developer community is coming through in the clutch and launching some pretty slick 3rd-Party apps for popular “top-tier” apps that Windows Phone users would otherwise miss out out.

Peep my latest 30-Day Windows Phone Challenge for details.


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  • Aaron Corcoran

    Can’t use 6tag for Windows Phone 7.x (sad face). Guess that is what I get for being an early adopter of the Lumia 900.

    • BrothaTech

      Sounds like its time for an upgrade. That 1020 is prettu slick

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