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WhatsApp Hack: Don’t Accept Messages From Any And Everybody

I really don’t talk to too many people via sms. Why? Because iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and apps like WhatsApp is where all my people are when I need to reach out.

If you use iMessage and have up to date Apple products, you can also send/receive message via your MacBook. Facebook Messenger lets you send messages inside the Facebook site from your computer. Services like WhatsApp and Telegram have been primarily mobile-only messaging platforms.

I personally can’t speak on Telegram, but I know there is a workaround that lets you use WhatsApp as a desktop/web app so you can send/receive messages from your computer. Convenient right?

Word on the street is you might not want to try this as researchers at Check Point Security announced a new type of attack against the web versions of both WhatsApp and Telegram that targets the way images and multimedia files are handles.

The long and short is the WhatsApp hack involved a process where a hacker could load up an image with malware and send it to WhatsApp and Telegram users. If the recipient is using one of these services via the web and clicks on the image, that malware is launched and the hacker can take control of your WhatsApp or Telgram account.

Don’t worry, both WhatsApp and Telegram were notified of the vulnerability and have fixed the issue. Going forward, here are some common-sense tips to avoid falling victim to issues like this:


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