800,000 People are “Cutters”

Cut that Cord!

…Of their TV service subscriptions that is.

Last year (like that was a long time ago), I posted a story about what it would take for me to cut my Cable TV service and switch to TV over IP. Looks like I am not the only one contemplating the switch. A study conducted by Convergence Consulting Group estimates that 800,000 U.S. households had cut such services by the end of 2009, with the number expected to double by the end of 2011.

With the progression of network-connected and web-streaming devices such as TV’s, Blu-Ray players, gaming systems, and special set-top boxes, it’s becoming easier for your average consumer to enjoy quality programming via ethernet cable or wireless router rather than a coaxial cable or cable/satellite set-top box.

Even still, I think the reason why the number is ONLY 800,000 is because it is somewhat convenient to call your local cable/satellite provider and have them come out and install everything and subscribe to a insanely expensive TV subscription package versus buying your own equipment, hooking it all up and piecing together you own internet media package.

I just hope that people break out of their comfort zone and realize that they actually have more control over their programming than they think. When more people realize that they aren’t just tied to one main-stream TV provider or another (hopefully via this site *plug*) they will start doing the research and jumping on the TV service cutting bandwagon.

Terrance Gaines

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