BrothaTech iPad Profile
Terrance AKA, BrothaTech…’cause I’ve always wanted an AKA

If you look up “Family IT Guy who is always the go-to tech pro when anybody they love, sort of knows, or randomly runs into on the street, has a question about gadgets and gizmos” in the dictionary, my face would appear.

Born and raised in Indianapolis but now living in ATL (Atlanta…for the newbies), my passion for technology has evolved from a thing I share with family and friends with, to the BrothaTech brand that helps people discover the best technology has to offer personally, professionally, and…[insert another word that starts with the letter “p”].

The BrothaTech brand you ask? It starts with my site (by the same name). Here, you can:

  • Learn more about the hottest tech hardware and trends
  • Read my latest reviews to help to help you decide if you need that new gadget or gizmo
  • Get “tips & tricks” on how to get more out of the tech you already own

I’ve been a tech-blogger/freelance writer covering a wide-range of geeky subjects since 2008. I’ve also been tapped to speak on technology subjects at local event and nation-wide conferences.

…In other words, I’m a self-certified Digital Lifestyle Expert, AKA:

  • Technology Evangelist
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Tech Brotha #1
  • Jack of ALL Tech
  • Your favorite techies favorite techie

Whether I’m talking about the latest technology news, reviewing the hottest gadgets, or helping visitors get the most out of their gadgets, you can find it ALL here…Because honestly, I don’t have the time to manage multiple sites.

“Apple, the Apple logo and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.”