``Technology shouldn't change how you do things, it makes you better at the things you do``

I couldn't believe I had become ``that guy``...

…standing in line at 4:00am to purchase a new iPhone. That moment was two years in the making as I waited for my cell phone service provider to carry this epic and exclusive device. I was tired, but I couldn’t feel it from the sheer excitement of firing up that phone for the first time. As soon as I turned it on, every moment in that long line was worth the wait. In an instant, Apple was everything, and there was no turning back.

Hey, I’m Terrance Gaines, aka BrothaTech. Even though that story above is true, I’m not just an Apple fanatic – I’m a legit Apple fanatic with the credentials to back it up. As an Apple Certified Support Professional, I teach entrepreneurs how to run their businesses more efficiently, using the technology they already have.

Ever since then, I’ve continued to teach people how to make the most out of technology in my 20-year career as an IT professional. Outside of my day job as a Senior Systems Administrator for a large corporation, my focus is on working with small business owners like you. If you want to know how to protect your business as you grow your empire through the use of technology – I’m your guy.


Not just an Apple fanboy...

It should be pretty obvious by now that I’m a fan of the Apple brand. Not only are the products beautiful, they are straight-forward to use. In other words, no matter what Apple product or service you choose, you know what you’re getting.

I like the uniform hardware design and seamless ecosystem that comprises Apple, and want to share that experience with others. I have talked and wrote about Apple news and products, even taken apart Apple devices…and put them back together of course.

My tech skills and my affinity for Apple has lead me to obtain the Apple Certified Support Professional certification that only validates that “I know what I know” and can help folks squeeze the most usefulness out of their Mac regardless if you’re a casual or professional user.


My Promise

Your Tech, Made Easy

I believe you can get the job done with the tech you already have. You just need somebody to help you become more efficient and productive with it.

Your Tech Challenges, Solved

I'm your resource when you have a specific challenge and need a timely and sensible answer, without all the tech jargon.

Your Apple Technology Officer

I assume all the responsibility of making sure your technology works for you and your team, so you can focus on working on your business.

If you know your tech game is whack, or better yet – you want to actually sleep at night, knowing all of your hard work is safely backed up when the black screen of death shows up on your computer, I can help you with all of that. I offer IT consulting, support, and management services, so you can step your game up and run your business like the boss that you are! Hit me up and let’s talk about what you need (I promise to respond, even if you don’t have an iPhone or MAC….Maybe.).


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