Peep the elevator pitch:

“BrothaTech is a technology blog and brand that provides technology news, reviews, tips and tricks to readers interested in getting the most out of their technology…specifically Apple stuff.”

That’s the short version. I started back in 2008 to share my love of all things tech with like minded people because my wife got tired of me talking tech to her all night after listening to her co-workers talk tech all day.


Over the years, I’ve leveraged the BrothaTech brand to position myself as a subject-matter expert and influencer, to review a wide array of gadgets and gizmos, write for and be featured in some of my favorite publications, work with some of my favorite tech brands, and speak on various tech subjects all over the country.


It was from the BrothaTech site that I discovered that:


  • I actually like helping people with their technology
  • I have an affinity for the Apple brand


…So I decided to merge the two and launched my own hustle as an Apple Certified Support Professional providing IT consulting, support, management, and repairs.


Even with all that, I still make sure to dish the latest and greatest in technology news, reviews, tips and tricks…but folks now call it Content Marketing…and you know what, I’m cool with that.

WHO READS BROTHATECH.COM? readers are typically early adopters who stay on the cutting edge of technology, but the content can be absorbed by anybody who understands the importance of staying current with technology trends. Specifically, they are either fans of the Apple brand or integrate an Apple-branded product or accessory into their daily personal or professional routine.


Overall, readers come to the site to not only get updated on the latest and greatest technology news, but learn how best use their devices for increased efficiency and productivity, especially as their own business/brand grows.

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