Apple Wants To Launch HBO Now Streaming Only Service

The tides are changing for all those cord shavers and cutters who are looking to ditch their cable/satellite provider but keep the content.

It was confirmed last year that HBO would offer a streaming package that won’t require subscribers to pay for useless channels with a cable/satellite subscription. Word on the street is that HBO is in talks with Apple to launch the service on the Apple TV set top box in April, just in time for season 5 of Game of Thrones. Let’s just hope HBO ups their bandwidth and doesn’t leave us streamers hanging like last season…

The service will be called HBO Now and is expected to cost about $15/month. Apple is the one of the first partners to try to get in with HBO to deliver the streaming-only service to its set-top box (HBO GO is already available on Apple TV, but you need a cable/satellite, and HBO subscription). As popular as streaming media boxes are, expect Amazon, Roku, Google, to jump on the bandwagon once they see how BAD we want A la carte TV services.

Add HBO Now ($15), with Hulu & Netflix ($8/month/per service), Amazon Prime Instant Video ($99/year or $8.25/month), and the newly-minted Sling TV ($20/Month), you have a well-rounded TV package that’s still less than most traditional TV subscriptions, and you’re not stuck with channels you could care less about.

HBO is a MAJOR player. For them to take streaming seriously, that means more content creators, and distributors will follow.
The question is will you cut (or shave) your cord now that you can get HBO without cable/satellite?

Source: Cult of Mac | International Business Times

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