Apps To Make The Most Of Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Groupon

Get the hook up this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick. So the clock is ticking if you still need to set up that special date-night for your signiffy (That’s short for significant other…and yes, I just made that up).

Whether you need some ideas of what to plan, what to give, or you’re looking for ways to NOT break the bank for this special occasion, here are some apps I recommend that will help you with your Valentine’s Day plans.


I’ll admit, Groupon is not one of those “well-kept secrets” apps that will blow your mind when you check it out. Personally, the emails get on my nerves, BUT the service does its users a favor with its Valentine’s Day section that serves up lovey-dovey deals on everything from intimate dinner reservations, chocolates, flowers, sexy drawls, and other cutesy things you.


Running out of date-night spots to visit on Valentine’s Day in your area? BeCouply offers location-based date-spot suggestions based on what other users have done. Find something you want to try, you can quickly the address and phone number to get the night started. By crowdsourcing locations from other app users, you have a better shot of getting the night right the first time.

Open Table

It’s probably a good idea to find a restaurant that will let you make reservations, versus making your date stand in a crowded lobby because you’re on the “waiting-list”. OpenTable can not only help you find and reserve a table for Valentine’s Day, but now that Foodspotting is integrated, you can view pictures of the menu items taken by other patrons before you book.


Procrastination can be a good thing. If you like to wait until the LAST minute to make Valentine’s Day plans, HotelTonight is a good place to find good deals on a swanky room for the night or weekend. Hotels use the service to list available rooms (ranked by price and style) that were canceled late by people who did the right thing and planned in advance.


All the venues on Valentine’s Day weekend will be jam-packed with folks looking to have a good time. So you can count on parking being an issue. Uber can help you avoid paying for valet parking stress out a little less about where you are going to park, in addition to looking like a hot shot hopping out of a black towncar/SUV with your date.

Seamless & GrubHub

Want to avoid all the “drama” with going out for Valentine’s but you still want to recreate the evening at home? Pro Tip: You need to learn how to cook! Until then, Seamless and GrubHub can help you “order-in” and deliver food from your favorite local spots right to your door.

Yeah, yeah, we get it: Valentine’s Day is heavily commercialized and gender-specific (let’s not front ladies). Yeah, yeah, we all agree that one night of being loving and “generous” is not an excuse for not being loving and “generous” the rest of year. I can hear all the “look down my nose” so-and-so’s on my social media networks now: “You should treat EVERYDAY like it’s Valentine’s Day!”

For the rest of us who actually have a clue, Valentine’s Day is a day to go over the top. But that doesn’t mean you have to stress out (or go broke) to show your signiffy how you really feel on this special day.

How do you plan to use technology this Valentine’s Day?

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