Atama Sesame 2

“Automatic Mac Lockdown”

Keeping nosey office neighbors out of your work is as easy as locking your Mac every time you step away…if you can ever remember to actually lock your computer. The folks at Atama want to make locking your Mac when you step away as easy as…stepping away from your Mac

Sesame 2 is a thumb drive-sized gadget that you can attach to you work badge lanyard (if you’re still a member of “Cubicle Nation”), your keys, or shove in your pocket that connects to your Mac via Bluetooth. When you walk away from your Mac with Sesame 2 in tow, it will automatically lock your Mac’s screen and unlock it when you come back to continue your work.

What’s dope about Sesame 2 is that you can set it up via Apple Script to do a number of tasks including pausing music, changing your instant messaging status, maximize/minimize browser windows and more. If you’re uber paranoid a security enthusiast, you can set up 2-Factor authentication to require your Sesame 2 and your password to log back in to your computer.

Whether you’re crammed into a beige-colored cubicle with low walls, or sharing a long black table with twenty-eleven others at your favorite coffee shop or co-working spot, Sesame 2 will make sure your data remains “For your eyes only”.

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