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UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker – Best One Yet?

Bluetooth speakers that wirelessly pump music from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop have become all the range. They have essentially replaced the 80′s BoomBox, sans the 100 D batteries…Ah, memories As a result, I’ve reviewed several Bluetooth Speakers looking for the ideal one to match my lifestyle. I must say that after checking out the

How Do You Manage Your Business Expenses BrothaTech?

#AskBrothaTech is the section of the site where I answer some of the tech questions I get in my inbox or via social media. This latest question has to do with managing business expenses: “Hi BrothaTech, I wanted to know how you keep up with all of your business expenses for tax purposes” Signed, I

Microsoft Office for iPad Coming Soon?

There are many apps out there that give you the ability to view, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents on your Apple devices. For whatever reason, Microsoft has been ix-nay on bringing its premiere productivity suite to the Apple mobile platform. Many have speculated that it’s because Microsoft wanted to leverage Office as a tool

Sonos Is Looking For Android Beta Testers

Y’all know I mess with Sonos. It’s by far the easiest way to enjoy whole-house audio. They have a controller that works on your computer and a mobile app for home music control in the palm of your hand. (Imma need the Sonos devs to work on getting a Windows Phone app, though) The mobile