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Avoid the Preorder Madness: How To Get Your iPhone XR On Time

Word on the street is that the iPhone XR is going to be a beast for Apple sales. My own unofficial social media research concluded that many people passed on getting the iPhone XS or XS Max because the XR was real close in features, but not as expensive.

All that to say, my prediction is this will be the “IT” phone for the holidays (especially with all those colors), so you’re better off using THIS TIP to make sure you get your iPhone XR as soon as it’s available in stores next week, versus watching shipping shipping dates slip back to Thanksgiving or worse: Use the iPhone Upgrade Program to buy your iPhone.

The iPhone Upgrade Program lets you lease your iPhone by spreading out the payments over the course of a year, and includes Apple Care for added protection. In order to do this, you need to get pre-approved for the program, which involves a credit check that could take a day or two.

This year, Apple is allowing people who opt for the iPhone Upgrade Program select their iPhone XR color and storage option prior to the preorder date. So once you’re approved for the program, you can simply complete your pre-order starting at midnight October 19th and you’re done.


Sure, you could mess around and try to get it from your carrier, or wait until launch day to scour the web in search of a store with stock, but my guess is you will be in for a world of hurt if you try it this way.

So go to Apple’s website or download the Apple Store app, select your iPhone XR and get the pre-approval process started today…and drop a line in the comments if it worked for you.


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