Back at Home with Outright Online Financial Software and iPhone App

Outright for iPhone update

Well its about time!

I should have stuck it out with Outright, but I was getting tired of all the duplicate transactions. So I bounced and tried another online financial service for my biz transactions. The other service was cool, but in my absence, I learned that Outright worked out the kinks, and added a mobile app in the process.

Say Word?

So now I’m back and Outright does a better job on the duplicate transactions, and I can’t wait to try out the mobile app (the real one) for the iPhone.

I recently wrote an overview of the Outright mobile app and my biggest gripe was the fact that you could only get a snapshot of your income/expenses…you really couldn’t do anything about them. I thought to myself “that’s pretty whack”. You should be able to do more than just see what your account(s) status is. Low and behold, the folks at Outright got on it and added additional features that make it a worthwhile download.

Pulled from iTunes:

* Add a new transaction or edit an existing transaction
* Identify and categorize your un-categorized transactions
* Filter transactions by category

Outright add transactionOutright edit transaction

I’ll admit, I’m a poor bookkeeper, but i’m a killer app user. As a result, I’m way more likely to add/edit transactions on the fly via my smartphone versus making time to sit in front of my computer to balance my books. So the ability to fix my transactions as soon as they happen is where it’s at for me.

It took Outright a minute to offer a mobile app, but it took them no time at all to release their “teaser” app, then update it with some much needed features.

Overall, Outright is pretty solid as an online financial management solution for your small business. Now with the mobile app, you can work on those transactions as they happen versus doing what I used to do: Putting off looking at your finances until you actually need to know you income versus expenses.

Tax time anyone?