Beats Music Goes Digital With Online Streaming Service

Beats Music Goes Digital With Online Streaming Service via BrothaTechDre and ‘nem continue to pimp the Beats by Dre brand that everyone has been jocking the past couple of years. I can’t really hate, though – Most of us WISH our brands were as strong as the house that Dre and Iovine built. With the popularity of online streaming services, it makes sense that a well-known brand in the music industry would make a play on getting some of that online music-streaming market share.

Enter Beats Music, the subscription-based online streaming music service founded by Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre that will serve up over 20 Million tracks, curated by music experts, and can be customized based on your interests.

Beats Music doesn’t sound too much different than some of its competitors like Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, and the long list of other players in the field. You sign up, pay a monthly $9.99 fee, download and app, and you get as much streamed music that your wireless data plan can handle – no ads. Beats Music also has a tiny social network that lets you share every single hipster thing you listen to that “nobody else is up on yet”, and as well as chat with other music snobs.

What may give Beats Music a boost up to the front of the music-streaming line is street cred. Dre and Ioving are both music legends that came together to build a billion dollar brand in Beats by Dre that is blindly accepted by other music experts, celebrities, and consumers alike. Wearing Beats headphones is more than just about music – It’s a status symbol. So it’s not hard to imagine that users who wear Beats headphones may just take a hard look at what the Beats Music service has to offer solely based on name recognition alone.

With a name like Beats Music, with all of its connects in the music industry, the old guards of the music industry that are purposely slow to accept the new online-streaming trend, may just have to speed up their adoption now that Dre and ‘nem is on the scene.

Beats Music, while not yet ready for launch (Jan. 21st), already has the ears of  my favorite “play everything everywhere” Sonos wireless music system that stated Beats Music will be available on their devices day one. “Technology innovators have been betting on streaming for years and we’ve finally reached the tipping point with visionaries in the music industry going all-in,” notes Sonos CEO John MacFarlane. “We’re thrilled to launch Beats Music on Sonos day one of its availability. It’s never been a more exciting time to be a music lover.”

According to the Beats Music site, AT&T also has an exclusive Beats Family Plan that will let subscribers add up to 5 users and 10 devices on one account.

What do you think? Can Beats Music make waves in the highly-contested online music streaming industry as well as urge the music industry change its ways?

Terrance Gaines

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