BlackBerry Unveils Revamped OS, New Devices

BlackBerry z10 To quote myself:

“The BlackBerry 10 experience can definitely compete with the popular iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 in the productivity category—neither of which have a more seamless user experience than what BlackBerry has just announced. But did BlackBerry take too long to get folks to switch from other platforms?”

That’s the last line of my latest Black Enterprise piece dishing out the official details of the BlackBerry 10 Operating System and its two new devices: The Z10 (full touch screen) and the Q10 (physical QWERTY keyboard).

Click here to check out the piece, then let me know what think – Can BlackBerry [honestly] make a comeback, or is it too much too late?

Terrance Gaines

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  • The Cubicle Chick

    We’ve discussed this before, I’m not counting Blackberry out just yet. I am really interested in testing this phone out for myself.

    • I know a ton of people who don’t have smartphones yet, so there is STILL some marketshare left for BlackBerry to grab.

      Plus I think by BlackBerry staying the game, that will cause other platforms to step up their game and not be so monolithic. Competition is ALWAYS good for the consumer!

  • TBTR

    Competition is always good, blackberry is a innovator and icon to this industry. It’s about time they step out of the shadows to claim marketshare again, but with caution I look at blackberry.

    Walk with me here: Blackberry is almost like the IBM of the 1970’s early 80’s. IBM took for granit that people would not want a personal computer and thus Microsoft and Apple swooped in a created a market for themselves almost sending IBM to a grave. IBM was business as usual believing they knew what consumers wanted without asking. Fast-forward RIM was a innovator that issued in a product that set the business world on fire, but over time they got cocky and turned on the consumers no longer listening but just doing business as usual thinking no one could top them. Introducing apple again who created a product iPhone that turned the mobile industry upside down. Blackberry almost went bankrupt with internal conflict obvious disregard for the consumers and no longer innovating.

    I hope blackberry listened to the consumers and also decided to in part some innovation in BB10


    • I do not disagree with anything you just said.

      Great post. I think BlackBerry did two things with BB10:

      1. Finally listened to consumers
      2. Stopped the bleeding and fans migrating to other platforms (consumers & enterprise)

      Honestly, that’s a GREAT start for a company who STILL has one foot in the grave. Now what they have to do is focus SUPER hard on doing whatever it takes to get NEW smartphone users to choose BlackBerry. The people who left ain’t coming back. If the spend ANY time trying to get those defectors back, they will LOSE – Apple and Android are too far ahead.

      Don’t worry about the past and focus on the future – BlackBerry successfully hit the reset button. They need not dwell on their mistakes, but learn from them and “keep it movin”