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How To Fix iOS 8.0.2 Bluetooth Car Connectivity Issues

First, folks rushed and downloaded iOS 8. Folks had issues, so Apple released 8.0.1 shortly after 8 was released to patch up the bugs. Then folks had problems with 8.0.1, so Apple released 8.0.2 to patch up those bugs. You guessed it, folks are now having issues with iOS 8.0.2, specifically with Bluetooth not working in their cars.

If you’re a hands-free advocate, this can be a problem. But there is resolution that most people are reporting works if you’re having iOS 8.0.2 Bluetooth car connectivity issues as well.

Terrance GainesHow To Fix iOS 8.0.2 Bluetooth Car Connectivity Issues

iOS 8 Third-party Keyboards – You Get What You Ask For

Missing iOS8 third party keyboard via BrothaTech

I was among those who could not wait for Apple to open up iOS 8 to third-party developers. One of the main reasons was so I could use a different keyboard.

Which worked great…for a while. Now I’m running into a problem where no keyboard pops up at all when I have a third-party keyboard set as the default.

I notice it most often when I’m doing a spotlight search.

To fix, it I have to leave spotlight search, open up a note, and pray the keyboard pops up so I can switch to the default keyboard (Tap the globe button on the keyboard to toggle installed keyboards).

Now I am reconsidering using a third-party keyboard at all.

“You get what you ask for”

Terrance GainesiOS 8 Third-party Keyboards – You Get What You Ask For
  • iPhone-6-bottom-view-with-Apple-logo-via-BrothaTech.jpg

    iPhone 6 bottom view with Apple logo via BrothaTech

  • iPhone-6-bottom-view-with-screen-on-via-BrothaTech.jpg

    iPhone 6 bottom view with screen on via BrothaTech

  • iPhone-6-bottom-right-view-via-BrothaTech.jpg

    iPhone 6 bottom right view via BrothaTech

  • iPhone-6-bottom-left-view-via-BrothaTech.jpg

    iPhone 6 bottom left view via BrothaTech

  • iPhone-6-top-left-view-via-BrothaTech.jpg

    iPhone 6 top left view via BrothaTech

  • iPhone-6-rear-left-view-via-BrothaTech.jpg

    iPhone 6 rear left view via BrothaTech

  • iPhone-6-rear-full-view-via-BrothaTech.jpg

    iPhone 6 rear full view via BrothaTech

  • iPhone-6-rear-camera-bulge-via-BrothaTech.jpg

    iPhone 6 rear camera bulge via BrothaTech

  • iPhone-6-bottom-antenna-lines-via-BrothaTech.jpg

    iPhone 6 bottom antenna lines via BrothaTech

First Week With My iPhone 6

It was a week ago today when I finally got my hands on the iPhone 6. I’ll be honest, I’ve been waiting on this phone for a long time. I thought the iPhone 5 was too small, but I got it anyway. I thought the iPhone 5S/5C was still too small, so I started using larger Androids and Windows Phone devices skipped buying either and crossed my fingers hoping the iPhone 6 was finally going to give Apple fans like me a larger design.

When the larger iPhone 6 and even larger iPhone 6 Plus was announced earlier this month, my eyes were on the smaller iPhone 6…I still wanted a front pants pocket-able phone even with a case on. So I got lucky during the preorders and my iPhone 6 was delivered early in the afternoon last Friday September 19th.

Now that I’ve had a week to play around with the smartphone, I think I’m ready to offer initial opinions of the iPhone 6.

Terrance GainesFirst Week With My iPhone 6