Why You Want Thieves To Login To Your Mac

If somebody steals your precious Mac, you don’t want them to do anything with it besides get frustrated that they can’t figure out your password…Or do you? Find out why you want a thief to login and access the web.

How to Shoot The Best iPhone Video Using Your Apple Watch

It pays to be a deep into the Apple ecosystem, because you can use your Apple Watch as a monitor and controller for your iPhone’s rear-facing camera to make sure you shoot the best quality video possible

How-To: Disable iPhone In-App Review Requests

Tired of apps repeatedly bugging you to “submit a review?” I found the feature that will let you disable in-app review requests

How-To: Add Gmail To Apple Mail

Looking for ways to save time – Adding your Gmail account to Apple Mail is quicker than opening a browser and going to Gmail directly.

Google Tasks for iOS

Google G Suite Software Users Will Love This New App Addition To Their Beloved Apple Mobile Hardware

I know there are some Apple users who are deeper into the G Suite ecosystem than I am, so I wanted to make sure I spread the word that Google has released a native Tasks app for iPhone and iPad.

Alert: Is Your MacBook Battery Putting You At Risk?

Word on the street is that some 13-inch non Touch Bar MacBook Pro’s built between October 2016 and October 2017 may suffer from a janky battery that could swell up and pose a safety issue. Find out how to check to see if your 13-inch non Touch Bar MacBook Pro qualifies.

Image Capture - The Best Way To Transfer Photos and Videos From iPhone To Mac

The Best Way to Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to Mac

Don’t sleep on physically connecting your iPhone to your Mac and using the frequently slept-on Image Capture app to import photos and videos from your iPhone to your Mac

3rd-Party Apple Watch Apps via BrothaTech

What I’m Rocking: 3rd-Party Apple Watch Apps

Even though notable 3rd-Party apps are now now missing from the Apple Watch platform, there are still some good 3rd-party apps out there that do more than just deliver notifications to your wrist. Here are just some of the 3rd-party Apple Watch apps I rock with.

world backup day via BrothaTech

World Backup Day – Take A Minute To Backup Your Stuff

Today is World Backup Day. You’ve probably got a busy weekend planned, but for the sake of NOT loosing all your photos, videos, music, files and other documents, today is the perfect day to take some time out to make sure you have a copy of your data, just in case something happens.

Cut Costs In The Cloud via BrothaTech

How to Use Technology To Cut…Technology Costs in Your Business

Most businesses know that technology can improve operations, increase capabilities, and better facilitate growth…but at a cost. Well actually, by reducing physical hardware/software and adopting cloud-based systems, you can absolutely use technology to cut costs as well.