Square Mobile Payment System Adds Key New Features

Square has stepped up its game and now makes the actual credit card experience better by making the transaction process faster, eliminating signatures for all purchases under $25 dollars, and making it easier for customers to tip with each transaction.

“Relax, It’s Not That Deep” Apple Isn’t Going Anywhere

Take a step back, relax, and trust that the same Apple we have come to love (or vehemently loathe) will be the same Apple for YEARS to come sans Steve Jobs…

Review & Giveaway – 6ft In-Wall Rated HDMI Cable

I review a 6ft in-wall rated HDMI 1.4 cable and urge readers to not to fall for the “snake oil” that is expensive A/V cables. One way to do that is reading how you could win this cable from Triangle Cables…

Boxee unleashes Boxee-free iPad App

Boxee has released a stand-alone iPad app that makes it easy for a user to find and share videos from Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr friends…

Facebook Messenger: Standalone App Will Attract More Users?

The hunt for THE universal, cross-platform messaging app just got a little more confusing now that Facebook has released its own messenger for iPhone and Android. If Facebook can pull off what BlackBerry Messenger or the upcoming iMessenger for iOS wants to accomplish, messaging buddies regardless of the device they’re using may have just gotten easier.

Google+ Now Supports iPad and iPod Touch

GooglePlus-iPad.png Remember when Steve Jobs first announced the “Magical” iPad tablet that could run iPhone apps in addition to apps specifically built for the iPad? Well, that wasn’t the case for the new Google+ app that in addition to Apple being slow on approving the app for the iPhone, has just recently received an update that will allow it to run on the iPad and iPod Touch.

Stampt App: Loyalty Cards on Your iPhone

With the Stampt app, you can keep your loyalty cards on your smartphone for easy stamping and redeeming of loyalty points. Simply find your favorite business in the apps directory, scan the in-store QR code with the app after every purchase, and your digital loyalty card is automatically updated…

Refreshed Gmail Mobile for iOS and PlayBook Emulates Native Apps

There is a new paradigm brewing in mobile app development – More and more native apps are starting to resemble the web and web apps are striving to feel more native. Such is the case the newly updated Gmail Mobile web mail client for iOS and BlackBerry Playbook.

Sink Your Teeth into Shark Week Live for iPhone

The Discovery Channel has released the Shark Week Live app that offers real-time entertainment on your iOS device that corresponds with the live programming all this week…

Hire a Gopher with TaskRabbit and get help Getting Things Done

TaskRabbit is a new service/mobile app that let’s you post a task, and have “TaskRabbits” bid on how much they will do the task for.