Essence Music Festival Smoothie Production

Some behind the scenes footage of McDonald workers preparing free McCafe smoothies for the 2011 Essence Music Festival Attendees…

Essence Music Festival Tech – Why I’m Here

Just taking some time this morning to do a quick blog from the lobby of my hotel (Since they have such a nice computer setup). If you’ve been following @BrothaTech for the past day, I will be tweeting from the 2011 Essence Music Festival (hashtags: #EMF2011 #EMFJunke11). I will also be taking pictures and posting video during the event as well…

Essence Music Festival Tech – Mobile Site, Cell Phone Donations and More

Alright, I can’t hold my excitement in any longer, A Brotha has been invited to cover the 2011 Essence Music Festival (July 1st-3rd). Now I know what you’re thinking: “What’s a tech-geek doing covering the Essence Music Festival?” That’s the WHOLE point actually – To raise more awareness about technology at major African-American events like Essence…and they couldn’t have picked a better Techie for the job.

3 Simple Mobile Productivity Tips to Get Things Done on the Go

I have come up with a couple of tips that should help you use your mobile device(s) keep your productivity up, even if you are away from your desk…

Documents To Go Premium for iOS Giveaway Winner

BrothaTech announces the winner of the Documents To Go Premium app for iOS devices

Brand your Short Url with Domai.nr & Bit.ly

There are some popular websites that have their own shortening characters (http://Custom.Url/suffix), but what if you want your own? A site I found was Domai.nr and it’s a straightforward site that helps you find a short url that can be added to any and ALL of your links for easy recognition and brand awareness…

Giveaway: Documents To Go for Mobile Productivity Awesomeness

If you’re a mobile whiz-kidman like me, or just looking to get more things done via your smartphone, you might want to take a look at the powerful Documents To Go suite for mobile devices.

CableJive iStubs Bundle Review

Have I told you all that I hate tangled cords? Well, I do. I am constantly going behind my entertainment center, computer desk and inside my laptop bag to untangle cords.

So when I stumbled on the CableJive website, I immediately ordered a black iStubz Bundle.

Contracts HD for iPad: Give Contracts the Finger

Contracts HD for iPad is one of those apps that is breathing life into the existence and usefulness of the tablet device. The ability to create a contract from scratch and allow all parties to sign the contract with the swipe of their finger is a tool many on-the-go professionals dream of…

Eavesdrop for iPhone: Stream Music to nearby iOS Devices

No more splitting headphones – The Eavesdrop app lets users stream their music to other iOS devices in the area over Bluetooth or WiFi. So no looking ridiculous trying to share music and headphones – It’s not cute at all.