Is Your Backup Strategy Trash?

3 Reasons Why Your Small Biz Backup Strategy Is Trash

Most people would freak out if they lost the data on their computers, yet many people really believe “Nothing will ever happen to my computer or data”. Don’t be one of those people, here is 3 reasons why you need to re-think your backup strategy

iPhone Hack – Create PDF Documents

You don’t need a separate PDF creator app for your iPhone if you use this little hack to natively create PDF documents

How To Completely Uninstall Apps From Your Mac

To uninstall apps from your Mac, you need to do more than just delete the app from your applications folder. There’s one more step you’re missing to make sure it’s gone

The Hookup: Get a Lifetime 2nd Phone Number For Your Phone for only $25

There are times when I would prefer not to give out my personal phone number. So I did some research discovered the Hushed app that gives users a fully-functional 2nd phone number for your smartphone. I like the service so much that I worked out a special Hushed deal for all my readers!

Phonetic Eyewear – Give Your Eyes A Break

If your eyes are focused on a computer screen, smartphone, tablet, or TV watching movies or gaming for prolonged periods of time, there are things you can do to reduce Digital Eye Strain like look away every so often to give your eyes some periodic rest. You can also look into special “computer glasses” from Phonetic Eyewear that uses technology to combat Digital Eye Strain.

Consumer Review Fairness Act Gives Consumers The Right To Share Honest Reviews

A company’s ability to go after negative reviews was protected under the law…that was until President Obama signed the bipartisan Consumer Review Fairness Act into law on December 14th.

My Consumer Report Visit – No Free Rides

The folks as Consumer Reports know they have to keep up with the times, all while still remaining a purposeful and optimistic organization focused on improving lives. So they invited a group of influential individuals to the headquarters in New York for an inside look at the non-profit, non-partisan organization independent of corporate and advertising.

Don’t Play Yourself And Make Multiple Data Backups

I’m pretty careful and take multiple precautions when it comes to my data and STILL lost my data. So I can imagine how some of y’all out here playing around with your family pictures and videos, or all your business files thinking nothing will happen…

Stupid Simple DYI – SnapPower USB Charger and Guidelight

The ability to easily add extra lighting and USB changeability to my wall outlets using the SnapPower USB Charger and Guidelight, makes this DIY project a no-brainer.

Review and Giveaway: tech21 Impact Clear Case for iPhone 7 Plus

The tech21 Impact Clear case does its job and offers solid protection without sacrificing style. I would put it up against any smartphone case in it’s price category. Shout out to tech21 for also hooking up one of my Instagram followers