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If you don’t already know, I’m a tech blogger and I write for several other online spots as well. Sometimes I re-post the good stuff here (but add a lil’ extra…I don’t even plagiarize MY OWN STUFF); or sometimes I just tweet the links.

I’m going to start doing a post here that links to all of the technology articles I’ve written the past week in one entry for your reading pleasure…enjoy

Site: AppScout – Stalking The Killer App

Instagallery for iPad: More Screen Space for your Instagram Photos

Eavesdrop for iPhone: Stream Music to nearby iOS Devices

SMS Wish for Android: Mobile Holiday Cards sent via SMS

Vimeo for iPhone finally makes a Mobile App Appearance

Network App for Android Toggles Radio Signals

Fun Run Trainer for iPhone: Run Virtually anywhere in the World

Boxee App for iPad Streams Media to your Computer

World’s First Bacon-Scented Mobile App From Denny’s

Facebook Rolls up All Mobile Sites into One

Tools for Small Biz Owners on the go
Site: Small Biz Go Mobile – Where Mobility = Productivity

SoundNote app for iPad: Write, Scribble, and Record Meetings all at Once

Tablets are all about Mobile Productivity

SignMyPad App for iPad: eSign and Send PDF’s – No Printing Required

Add a Schmap to a Tweet to Get Traffic to your Business or Event

Site: gokit Blog – Instant identity kits to tell your story. Beautifully

Link: in the News

Site: Gramophone – See it. Hear it. Live it.

Link: Just How Home-Integrated are Your Mobile Devices?

As you can see, a Brotha stays on the interwebz. So if you could, if you would, please comment, retweet, share, digg (…or whatever else is out there) my posts and show some love!

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