BrothaTech on the snobOS Podcast

BrothaTech In These Podcast Streets

So I’ve been back and forth about doing a podcast for quite some time. So has Mrs. Tech…Not so much that she has been back and forth about doing her own podcast, but more so about ME doing a podcast.

She’s been on my case suggested on different occasions that I should do a podcast with one of her co-workers, who is also an “Apple snob”. Her coworker and I run in the same tech circles in Atlanta, and I’ve even fixed her cracked iPhone screen (multiple times).

We both can be found live-tweeting during Apple events, and staying up late as hell for Apple product pre-orders.


So we finally decided (at the sheer delight of my wife) to link up and this podcasting thing a shot. So I present to you the very first episode of the snobOS podcast – THE podcast for Apple snobs.

Do me a favor and give our show a listen and let me know what you think – It will be available in iTunes (and Google Play and Spotify…I guess) soon.