One man's tech trash...

You probably already know that I have a bunch of gadgets. I never really took inventory of how much tech gear I had until we started going through stuff we need to keep/leave for our upcoming move to Atlanta (less than two weeks and counting).

After getting over being overwhelmed, I sifted through the items and ended up with a nice pile of gadgets that I no longer want or need. I should be certified as an craigslist/eBay professional, but I have some items that’s so old that I just don’t have the energy to list.

So I’ve decided to just pack it up and get rid of it. I don’t want to further contribute to killing mother earth, so here are some sites I will be working with to make sure my gadgets are left in good hands:

Even if it’s worth 5 bucks or a gift certificate towards some new-new gadgets, Mrs. Tech probably wouldn’t be too hip to the idea of “throwing away money”, so the first place comes to mind is Best Buy. Best Buy’s trade-in programs give you a variety of ways to receive a Best Buy gift card for your used video games, musical instruments and select used electronics. If you bought it at a BestBuy store, they will take it all. If not, that’s cool too, but only certain items can be traded in (video games, personal electronics like iPods, and mp3 players, smartphones, etc.). You can trade-in your stuff online or drop by any participating store in your area.

Two other spots I visit to see how much I can get for my better-condition gadgets are eBay Instant Sale and Gazelle. All you have to do is find your item, give its approximate condition, and they will send you a box to pack it up and ship. After they’ve evaluated your gadgets, they will cut a check. Both claim to offer competitive prices, but I’ll be honest, when I’ve used the site in the past, I got the feeling they low-balled on their value estimates…and I’m already a skeptic in general. At this point in the game though, I was going to get rid of the stuff anyway, so I may just entertain their prices this time around.

I’m not a hoarder, but it’s hard out here for a [geek]. For some reason, I knew there was some stuff I was going to eventually use (cords, cables, mice, keyboards, speakers, monitors, printer paper trays???) so I kept them. Some of those gadgets have long since passed their statue of limitations, so I have to just close my eyes and toss it. Greener Gadgets is a website that gives you the low-down on how to “go green” using technology. They also offer a feature where you can put in your zip code and see a list of nationwide manufacturers, retailers and certified eCycling locations in your area. So I will be backing up the SUV to one of the locations in my area in next couple of days.

*Sheds single tear down his left cheek*

Where do you go to get rid of old gadgets, gizmos, and electronics? Let me know!