My #SmartCrib Project

“It’s been a loooong, long time coming’…”

After all these years, with the recent purchase of our new (to us) house, I FINALLY think I’m ready to “turn a house into a [smart] home”.

This is actually our second house, but we really didn’t put too much effort into that house…It was literally a “starter house” and we only bought it because…I really can’t remember why. I guess that’s what newlyweds do.

This time around, we hurried up and waited to buy a house until we got news that “Tech, Jr.” is on his way. So over the weekend, we signed the papers, got the keys, and now I’m ready to trick out our home with some integrated tech.

This post is just the intro to my #SmartCrib Project, so I won’t go into too many details. But I will say you can bet I will break down all the smart house/home automation/Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, gizmos, and (something else techie that starts with the letter “G”) I plan on implementing in order to give you some ideas to how you can add some tech to your home!

Terrance Gaines

Terrance Gaines is an Apple Certified Support Professional living in Atlanta. When he is not spending time with his lovely wife and two smart, sweet, and sassy daughters, he's providing individuals and small biz owners with exceptional, comprehensive, and affordable technology support that will enable people to do great things. For more information, visit