CableJive dockStubz Pass Through Lightning Port Extender

We own a “right before Bluetooth in the car was normal” ride that I paid to install a 30-pin iPhone/iPod/iPad cable so we can listen to music from our iDevices. Since then, we have upgraded to Devices that use the 8-pin lightning port.

Not a problem — I just purchased several 30-pin to Lightning port adapters and keep one in the car. Just recently, I decided to use a case with my iPhone 5 that subsequently made connecting my phone to the Lightning port adapter impossible unless I removed my phone from the case every time I wanted to listen to music in the car…Popping CD’s in is NOT AN OPTION EITHER! Who do you think I am?

I remembered the good folks at CableJive sent me their dockStubz “skinny” pass-through Lightning port extender to review a while back. Real talk — I threw it in my “Gadgets I’ll never use but I’m a tech hoarder, so I imma keep it because…reasons” drawer in my office. So I dug it out hoping it would solve my problem.

Did a video about it, wanna watch it, here it go: