CableJive xlSync Cable for iPhone – Review

"Daddy Long...Cable"

As a result of my review of the iStubz super short sync cable for iOS devices, The nice folks over at CableJive were kind enough to send over one of their featured longer sync cables to try out.

The xlSync cable is an extra long (hence the name) 6.5 ft. sync cable for iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, and iPad that essentially gives you more options when you are limited in your charge/sync location options.

Size DOES Matter

For instance, I hate it when ALL of the outlets in hotels are blocked by heavy furniture. By the time you get your standard-length sync cable plugged in and routed around the furniture, you barely have enough cable to locate your devices where you can actually get to them. With xlSync, you get enough cable for just about all of your extended sync/charge needs.

small but mighty

The xlSync cables are made to resemble your standard cables that come packaged with your iOS gadgets, but with the choice of white OR black. Also, the xlSync cable connector housing is thin enough to still plug in to your device, even if you have a case or other enclosure protecting your device. At first, I thought the connectors and cable itself was kind of flimsy. Come to find for granted, the xlSync is sturdy enough to handle your average wear and tear activities.

The xlSync cable will definitely be in my bag while I do some traveling over the next couple of weeks. So I will make sure to give it some real-world testing and report back (follow @BrothaTech on Twitter for in the field images) If you’re thinking about coping one, at 13 bucks (excluding tax & shipping), I don’t think you can pass up the opportunity.

But don’t listen to me (even though you probably should), for more information and to order, visit

Terrance Gaines

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