Spigen Launches Line of Apple Watch Accessories

Spigen wastes no time with its new line of Apple watch accessories that will keep you smartwatch charged up and protected.

Puregear Lighting and USB Car Charger

The number of power outlets is starting to eclipse the number of cup holders in vehicles nowadays. If the ba-jillion of outlets in your ride isn’t enough, the Puregear Lightning and USB car charger gives you quick access to charge two devices from one outlet for the low.

Super-Slim Self-Healing Inner Exile Hydra iPhone 6 Case

Not only is the the Hydra iPhone 6 Case from Inner Exile a minimalist’s dream, it can also heal itself from minor scratches and scrapes. It’s so fly, that I put this iPhone 6 case in both my “Gotta Cop That” (My Wish List) and “The Hookup” (Deals) category.

The Hookup – SanDisk Ultra 32GB MicroSDHC Card – $17

Bump up your mobile device storage with a super-speedy SanDisk Ultra 32GB MicroSDHC for only 17 bucks

Toshiba Encrypted USB Drive Includes Physical Keypad

Not ready to fully adopt the cloud to secure your most sensitive data, the Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive has an integrated keypad that serves as a padlock for your files.

Gear Combo: Mobile Production Studio

Think you need thousand dollar equipment to capture the perfect moment? All you need are these iPhone accessories that can take your mobile production studio to the next level, sans the high price tag.

iLoveHandles Trunk Smartphone Charging Cable and Stand

iLoveHandles Trunk is a cable doubles as a stand and keeps your smartphone erect while charging.

Pocket Tripod 360°

A happy medium between you can’t stand placing your bare iPhone on the desk, but don’t want to put your phone in a case.

Atama Sesame 2

Keeping nosey office neighbors out of your work is as easy as locking your Mac every time you step away…if you can ever remember to actually lock your computer. The folks at Atama want to make locking your Mac when you step away as easy as…stepping away from your Mac

BrydgeAir Keyboard

If you have decided to go all in on the “Post PC era” and use your iPad as your main computing device, one of the essential tools to squeeze more productivity out of your beloved tablet is a good keyboard.