Powermat Dual 1850 Backup Battery for Mobile Devices – Review

…I REALLY can’t afford any “2% battery remaining” messages from my smartphone. Sure, I could hunt out a wall outlet at every chance I get, but in most cases, I’m not the only one needing “juice”. So there is a good chance that all the outlets are already used up…AND it’s just lame preying to the wall outlet Gods hoping they can spare some power to save your device from turning into expensive pocket decor.

So, I have invested in a Powermat Power! Dual 1850 Rechargeable Backup Battery (Read: I had to pay for it myself)…

CableJive iStubs Bundle Review

Have I told you all that I hate tangled cords? Well, I do. I am constantly going behind my entertainment center, computer desk and inside my laptop bag to untangle cords.

So when I stumbled on the CableJive website, I immediately ordered a black iStubz Bundle.