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How to Use Technology To Cut…Technology Costs in Your Business

Most businesses know that technology can improve operations, increase capabilities, and better facilitate growth…but at a cost. Well actually, by reducing physical hardware/software and adopting cloud-based systems, you can absolutely use technology to cut costs as well.

13 Tech Tasks To Start 2018 Off Right via BrothaTech

13 Tech Tasks To Start 2018 Off Right

One of the areas that doesn’t seem to make it to many people’s resolutions list is investing in their technology. Maybe it’s because they think it’s too expensive or too hard to implement. I’m here to let you know neither is true. To prove it, here are 13 tasks you can accomplish without being a tech whiz or spending a ton of money on equipment.

Does Your Small Business Need Mobile Device Management

Does Your Small Business Need Mobile Device Management?

If small business owners take the time to outline their IT policy, MDM applications can make sure users and devices stay in compliance without the help of an entire IT department.

Time Machine Backup Basics For Your Mac

Time Machine Backup Basics For Your Mac

With all my clients, one of the first things I strongly urge is for users to backup up their Mac using the built-in Time Machine software so when (not if) disaster strikes, you can get back up an running, instead of crying and praying to Apple (Or me) that we can retrieve data that may be long gone.

11 computer mistakes you're making right now

11 Computer Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Even though the shelf-life of computers are getting shorter and shorter, you should still want to keep you’re “baby” running as long as possible. Additionally, you also want to ensure that nothing bad happens to your computer at the worst possible time. To keep your computer up and running, and to squeeze more speed and productivity from your computer, here are 11 common computer mistakes you need to stop making…now.

4 reasons why your business should move to the cloud

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Move To The Cloud

If you’re familiar with email, specifically, sending and receiving email messages that are not stored on your computer, you’re already operating in the cloud. Of course, cloud computing is much more than that, but most people are not comfortable enough to consider moving their entire operation to the cloud. So here’s a quick overview of cloud computing and 4 reasons why your business should move to the cloud.

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One Thing You’re NOT Doing To Secure Your Computer’s Data

Your Hard Drive inside your computer is the kink in the armor that is your personal or business security policy. If your computer is lost or stolen, A person who knows his/her way around a computer can access your files without knowing the password on your computer, unless you protect the Hard Drive as well

3 Steps To Simple and Secure Passwords in Your Small Business

3 basic steps you should take to generate secure passwords and reduce the chances of somebody accessing your information that’s probably spread out all over the web.

Is Your Backup Strategy Trash?

3 Reasons Why Your Small Biz Backup Strategy Is Trash

Most people would freak out if they lost the data on their computers, yet many people really believe “Nothing will ever happen to my computer or data”. Don’t be one of those people, here is 3 reasons why you need to re-think your backup strategy

The Hookup: Get a Lifetime 2nd Phone Number For Your Phone for only $25

There are times when I would prefer not to give out my personal phone number. So I did some research discovered the Hushed app that gives users a fully-functional 2nd phone number for your smartphone. I like the service so much that I worked out a special Hushed deal for all my readers!