New Dropbox Action Extension – Save Files From Other Apps

With iOS 8, Apple has finally decided to not be so scary, and open up action extensions to 3rd-Party apps. One of the most popular apps has finally taken Apple on its word and added an Dropbox action extension to make it stupid-simple to upload files.

Evernote Free, Premium, and Business Accounts Explained

Your Evernote experience will be different than others, so it’s hard to tell you specifically which plan you should choose. What I can do is provide a quick breakdown of the main features that differentiate the plans that I’m sure will help you choose what plan go to with.

Sign And Send Documents with HelloSign

Tax season is among us. That means you should be knee-deep in digging up receipts and sending/receiving documents to get ready to see the “Tax Man”. If you’re looking to squeeze in some extra efficiency as well as save your sanity when it comes to document management, HelloSign is my go-to service for electronically signing and sending documents…and saving trees.

Online Backup vs Cloud Storage – How To Use Both In Your Technology Strategy

What’s that? You thought online backup and cloud storage were one in the same? Here is a breakdown of both online backup and cloud storage and how you can benefit from including both in your technology strategy.

#TechTips: Consolidate Cloud Storage With Mover

One of the things on my “BrothaTech To-Do List” before 2015 is to organize and consolidate my cloud storage. Doing a quick web search, I found a pretty handy service called Mover that will automate the process.

BrothaTech Hacked

Online Security: What You Can Learn From Getting Hacked

If your entire business and livelihood depends on your site remaining up and running 24/7, 365, here are some action items to sure up your online security, and help you prepare for your site getting hacked.

Practical Ways To Develop A Better Small Business Security Strategy for 2015

If anything, the recent Sony Pictures hack should teach all of us that a fake movie put together by college-humor kings could piss off an entire country of folks who don’t take to kindly of painting their leader in a bad light enough to hack into Sony of all places, they can crack your little “middle name spelled backwards” passwords. So you probably need to take your personal small business security a little more seriously in the ‘015

#TechTip: How To Deal With Business Cards

Since I WILL be handed business cards, and feel lame for not reciprocating for the foreseeable future, here is how I deal with business cards the geek way.

eBay Security Breached – Change Passwords Now!

Word on the street is that eBay has been breached and somebody got access to a database filled with encrypted passwords and other information. If you’re just a buyer, or have a full-fledged virtual shop stood up inside of eBay, you might want to take heed and ‘make that change’…No Mike Jack.

family mobile device management strategy

Do You Have A Family Mobile Device Management Strategy?

The more mobile devices families are starting to use to stay connected, the more attention should be paid to managing those devices to make sure they remain safe and secure. So here are some quick and easy tips, tricks, and services that can help you organize, track, and secure your family devices and data.