#TechTip: How To Use Spotlight To Control Your Mac

I like to consider myself a minimalist when I comes to my tech. I keep stuff simple as possible…probably because I get easily sidetracked. As a result, I consider myself a pretty heavy Spolight user when I need to find something on my Mac, just so I can keep my desktop super clean and free of […]

Restore Your Mac Back To Factory Settings via BrothaTech

Selling Your Mac? Here’s How To Restore Your Mac To Factory Settings

No Mac should continue to carry your old data around after it’s in the arms of a new owner, so here’s the steps you should take to remove your data and restore your Mac to its original settings before selling.

How To Find Stores Who Accept Apple Pay Right Now

You’ve downloaded iOS 8.1, loaded all your credit/debit cards into Passbook, and ready to use Apple Pay. Question is – Where can you use Apple’s new NFC-enabled mobile wallet service? The MasterCard Nearby app to the rescue…

Buying An iPhone? Check The IMEI/Serial Number To Make Sure It’s Not Stolen

If you have found the perfect late-model iPhone at a great price from eBay or Craigslist that you plan on using yourself, or gifting to one of your kids, or a family member, you might want to make sure you won’t have the cops hunting you down after you’ve made the purchase

Where To Sell Your Old iPhone

I will sell one of my old smartphones in a hot minute. Soon I will be putting my own iPhone 5 up for sale to recoup some dough from my successful iPhone 6 preorder. So for you, I will give away some of my secrets, and based on your needs, show you best sites where you can sell your old iPhone.

How To Complete An iPhone 6 Preorder With Your iPhone

The Apple Store app keeps getting better and better. So much so that you can save yourself some headache and quickly place an iPhone 6 preorder in a matter of minutes…Here’s how.

Video: How To Lock Smartphone Photo And Video Focus

By simply tapping and holding your smartphone screen on the image you want to remain in focus, you actually can lock-in the focus when you take pics or shoot video from your smartphone. Check out my video within a video on how to get this done.

Why Technology Is So Overwhelming And What You Can Do About it

Technology can be confusing and overwhelming because people expect it to completely change the way they do things. Contrary to popular belief, tech should help make you better, faster, more efficient at the the things you currently do.

Tech Tip: Saving Post-It Notes to Evernote

Whether I manage to cross off all the items on my Post-it note or not, I ALWAYS manage to leave the note on my desk when I step away from my desk. Then I can’t remember what was left to accomplish on my list. Now I can open Evernote and use the in-app camera to snap and send a pic of my Post-it notes to Evernote to digitize and save for later.

Spread Love: 3 Ways Share Files Between Devices

Image credit: picjumbo.com Allow me to paint a picture: You’re hanging out with friends and/or family at an event or social gathering. Of course everybody and their Momma (hey, there are some techie Mommas out there) will be snapping photos with their smartphone or tablet? Please don’t let me catch you taking tablet pics… As […]