How To Complete An iPhone 6 Preorder With Your iPhone

The Apple Store app keeps getting better and better. So much so that you can save yourself some headache and quickly place an iPhone 6 preorder in a matter of minutes…Here’s how.

Video: How To Lock Smartphone Photo And Video Focus

By simply tapping and holding your smartphone screen on the image you want to remain in focus, you actually can lock-in the focus when you take pics or shoot video from your smartphone. Check out my video within a video on how to get this done.

Why Technology Is So Overwhelming And What You Can Do About it

Technology can be confusing and overwhelming because people expect it to completely change the way they do things. Contrary to popular belief, tech should help make you better, faster, more efficient at the the things you currently do.

Tech Tip: Saving Post-It Notes to Evernote

Whether I manage to cross off all the items on my Post-it note or not, I ALWAYS manage to leave the note on my desk when I step away from my desk. Then I can’t remember what was left to accomplish on my list. Now I can open Evernote and use the in-app camera to snap and send a pic of my Post-it notes to Evernote to digitize and save for later.

Spread Love: 3 Ways Share Files Between Devices

Image credit: Allow me to paint a picture: You’re hanging out with friends and/or family at an event or social gathering. Of course everybody and their Momma (hey, there are some techie Mommas out there) will be snapping photos with their smartphone or tablet? Please don’t let me catch you taking tablet pics… As […]

Prevent Random Google+ Emails From Hitting Your Gmail Inbox

Skynet Google stay forcing people to use Google+. This latest round of features aimed at getting people to share more via Google+ could possibly involve your coveted Gmail inbox. Content marketers know that getting your attention via email works better than trying to compete for your eyeballs via social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… […]

Out With The Old – Recycle Gadgets To Give Back

A Babble Joint I’m sure we all have a closet full of old gadgets and gizmos from ‘presents of Christmas past’ that we no longer use. Sure, you’ve thought about selling your gadgets to get some cash. I’m assuming the reason why you haven’t done so is because you’re lazy you just don’t know the […]

[How-To] Back-up Instagram Images to the Cloud with IFTTT for iOS

I’m all about automating my digital life. IFTTT (If This, Then, That) is a easy-to-use but powerful tool that lets me do just that. If you’re not familiar, with IFTTT you can activate “channels” of frequent digital services you use to create “recipes” that are made up of triggers and actions that carry out certain […]

[Video] BrothaTech’s UN-Tech Tip: Write It Down

Evernote, DO, iOS Reminders, Remember the Milk, Producteev…I have tested, reviewed, and used all and more of these productivity apps and services that are supposed to help you organize, file, and complete those tasks you need to cross off your list(s). I’ve found myself so busy trying to create some magical method of using these […]

Why Im Mad: Y U No Record in Landscape Mode?

Do the millions of us with widescreens TV’s, Laptops, and mobile devices a favor and turn your smartphone sideways or “Landscape Mode” when shooting videos.