Turn Off Your Keyboard Volume

I did NOT know folks still set their smartphone keyboard on #TurnUp. Obviously they still do, and I was played the victim this past week as a young lady I was sitting next to on the train was bangin’ out 60 LOUD words/min on her iPhone.

How To: Share Your iTunes Library With Guests

Instead of agonizing over the music selection at your next gathering, why not let your guests decide on what they want to hear?

How To: Breathe New Life Into Your Old Computer

If you really want to squeeze every inch of life from your Mac or PC, here are my tips on how to breathe new life into your old computer…

Tech Tip: Keep Your Earbud Cords Tangle-Free with A Business Card

I hate tangled cords and business cards!…Since I guess I need business cards and can’t stand tangled cords, at least I can use one to cancel the other…