Contracts HD for iPad: Give Contracts the Finger

Contracts HD for iPad is one of those apps that is breathing life into the existence and usefulness of the tablet device. The ability to create a contract from scratch and allow all parties to sign the contract with the swipe of their finger is a tool many on-the-go professionals dream of…

Eavesdrop for iPhone: Stream Music to nearby iOS Devices

No more splitting headphones – The Eavesdrop app lets users stream their music to other iOS devices in the area over Bluetooth or WiFi. So no looking ridiculous trying to share music and headphones – It’s not cute at all.

Tablets are all about Mobile Productivity

The advancements in web and mobile apps/services, cloud computing/storage, and networking/communication/collaboration practices are all starting to make it very easy to handle a great deal of tasks with just an internet connection and a tablet device. So going through the process of hoping on a traditional computer in many cases is just not necessary in this new age of computing…

TigerText Messaging App: Your Message will Self-Destruct in 3 Seconds

This is one of those apps for the Playboy/Flirt, message remorseful, and the general “fingers gossip just as fast their mouth” types – TigerText is the easy to use and secure messaging app that can ensure your message is sent, read…and deleted for piece of mind.

Time Warner App Boasts Live TV Viewing on iPad

Not to be outdone by its Cable/Satellite provider colleagues who pretty much all offer some sort of streaming video service to various mobile devices, Time Warner customers can now download the free TWCable TV app and stream live TV right to their iPad…

ScanDrop for Mac: Scan Documents Directly from Your Mac to the Cloud

An AppScout Report A few minor steps is all it takes to upload an electronic document to cloud storage services to backup, store, synchronize and share your documents. It gets a little tedious when you have a physical document in your hands and you want an electronic copy that’s available on the web and on […]

Verizon Wireless iPhone has Landed!

On February 10th folks like me will FINALLY get their hands on a Verizon iPhone – The device that the tech community has literally been craving since about a week after the iPhone originally launched on AT&T’s network way back in 2007…

Just two more days…

Went to the mall to look for a plain white button-down polo shirt and ended up with some “goodies” The countdown has started

The 4g iPad Revealed

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Apple having a rough time convincing companies to provide content for iPad

Looks like Appleis running into some last-minute trouble getting content providers to provide content for the iPad. The device goes on sale next week, and Apple has already seen plenty of pre-orders—even if those pre-orders may have quickly fallen off. The deal is that Apple had wanted to offer TV subscriptions alongside the device’s launch, […]