Planet of the Apps

Apple’s Planet of the Apps Is Looking For You

Looking to get your mobile app on a new unscripted show, backed by Apple and for the chance to get advice, guidance, and money from top-tier VC’s, the upcoming ‘Planet of the Apps’ show is for you…


To HomeKit Or Not To HomeKit?

When dreaming up my own #SmartCrib, HomeKit was no question the number one service I planned on utilizing. Come to find out, there are a number of the brands I’ve had my eyes on (and currently own) are not HomeKit compatible. So do I go with HomeKit and only use compatible devices, at the expense of choice? Or do I expand my smart home options, at the expense of user-friendliness?

iOS 9.3 Activation Issues via BrothaTech

iOS 9.3 Activation Problems Plaguing Old School iPhone and iPad Owners

if you haven’t updated to iOS 9.3 yet, HOLD UP until Apple patches it. If you just couldn’t wait and are currently in the midst of iOS 9.3 activation problems, Apple has updated its support page that includes a fix until they can get everything straightened out.

Apple Event Update_ iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro via BrothaTech

Apple Event Update: Smaller iPhone SE and 9 inch iPad Pro Confirmed

Even though “the thrill is [seemingly] gone” as Apple events are losing their shine, Apple did a good job of iterating and expanding on their current product line to further solidify the brand with the 4-inch iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Your IPhone Data Is Safe With Apple…For Now via BrothaTech

Your iPhone Data Is Safe With Apple…For Now

“We couldn’t do it even it we tried, and if we could, we wouldn’t even try” is how Apple’s official response to the FBI requesting that it build a ‘back door’ so the government can access and retrieve iPhone data sounded in my head. Privacy vs. Safety – Which side are you on?

What Would You Buy From BrothaTech?

Let’s just say you visited my site and the most recent post was “The BrothaTech Shop is now open for business” What product(s) would you immediately fill up your cart with?

The BrothaTech Hour On the SMRPodcast

I co-host the SMRPodcast with Chris Ashley as we took some time to wrap about Windows 10 release, iPhone 6S rumors, and other tech (and non-tech) topics.

SMRPodcast #255 Guest Host – Got ‘Em!

I was invited back on the SMRPodcast last week to shoot the tech breeze about Chris using an iPhone 6, iPhone sms bugs, Cortana coming to iPhone, and Android letting users log into app using their fingerprint.

Is The iPhone vs Android Beef Worth Getting Stabbed Over?

Sometimes I try to distance myself from being called a geek or a nerd after I hear about some fanboys and the lengths they will go to defend their mobile platform of choice.

Apple Announces Over $50 Million Diversity Investment

To improve diversity and support minorities pursuring STEM careers and to subsequently improve its own minority numbers, Apple has announced plans to invest in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other minority programs.