SMRPodcast #255 Guest Host – Got ‘Em!

I was invited back on the SMRPodcast last week to shoot the tech breeze about Chris using an iPhone 6, iPhone sms bugs, Cortana coming to iPhone, and Android letting users log into app using their fingerprint.

Is The iPhone vs Android Beef Worth Getting Stabbed Over?

Sometimes I try to distance myself from being called a geek or a nerd after I hear about some fanboys and the lengths they will go to defend their mobile platform of choice.

Apple Announces Over $50 Million Diversity Investment

To improve diversity and support minorities pursuring STEM careers and to subsequently improve its own minority numbers, Apple has announced plans to invest in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other minority programs.

Everything You Need To Know About The New USB-C Port

The new MacBook, the latest Chrombook Pixel, and other devices have decided to rock the new USB-C that’s going to (hopefully) be the new standard we use to connect our devices together in the near future. Here’s what you need know.

I Guest Host SMRPodcast Episode #247: 30 Showers

The SMRPodcast crew brought me back on the show to talk Apple news, what happened to GigaOM, and how to channel surf after “cutting the cord”

Apple Wants To Launch HBO Now Streaming Only Service

HBO is a MAJOR player in the content creation/distribution game. For them to take streaming seriously by launching a streaming only service, that means more content creators, and distributors will follow. The question is Will you cut (or shave) your cord now that you can get HBO without cable/satellite?

Solo2 Wireless Headphones Are First Apple-Owned Beats Product

Shortly after the Apple-Beats deal officially closed, Beats launched the Solo2 wireless headphones on their site that boasts a “dynamic and wide range of sound with natural clarity…” with a 12-hour rechargeable battery with an indicator that lets you know when its time for a charge.

Looks Like Most Business and Corporate Cards Not Supported By Apple Pay

How To Find Stores Who Accept Apple Pay Right Now

You’ve downloaded iOS 8.1, loaded all your credit/debit cards into Passbook, and ready to use Apple Pay. Question is – Where can you use Apple’s new NFC-enabled mobile wallet service? The MasterCard Nearby app to the rescue…

Oops: iPhone Repairs Skyrocket With No Signs Of Slowing Down

If you’ve ever used and cracked an iPhone screen, you’re not alone. A study back in 2012 concluded that iPhone-only repairs costs consumers a whopping $10.7 Billion dollars since the inception of the iPhone back in 2007…Looks like I’m in the right business.