Apple Officially Announces Its iPhone 6…Announcement

We all can officially start the countdown to the announcement that’s been in the making seemingly for years. Apple has begun sending out invites to the press for an event on September 9th where we will may finally get to the iPhone 6.

Apple Drops Maximum iPhone Trade-In Value

For folks looking for a more convenient way to upgrade their old iPhone, Apple does offer a simple program where you can simply take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Store and hand it over in exchange for credit towards the purchase of a new one. But be aware, word on the street is that Apple has just dropped the maximum trade-in value you can get for your old iPhone.

DIY iPhone Repair Via iFixit Liberation Week 2014

Replacing a cracked rear panel, replacing a dead battery, checking loose cables, and even fixing your own screen isn’t as hard as you think, so long as you have the right tools. So check out Liberation Week at iFixit and get your own free iPhone Repair Kit.

8 Best Mac OS and iOS Features From The Apple WWDC Keynote

I’m glad I didn’t miss this year’s WWDC keynote because Apple has announced some pretty interesting features that many Apple enthusiasts like myself had on their wish-list for quite some time. There were a ton a features announced and since this is my blog, I’m going to you the run down of the features that I was most hyped about in addition to what I think you should know about.

Hacker Alert: Your iPhone Could Be Held Hostage

Hackers are coming for your iPhone. Word on the street is that Apple’s iCloud service has been breached and is being used by a team of Dutch hackers to unlock stolen iDevices, in addition to remotely holding a user’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac hostage and will only unlock the device after a ransom is paid via PayPal.

Apple Knows Consumers Want Larger iPhone 6

Tech blogs and consumers have been begging Apple to go larger and cheaper for years. Presentation slides show Apple has been listening to the rumblings. Will Apple finally buckle to the pressure and release a larger iPhone 6?

New Hotness Phase 1 – The Blog

I decided earlier this year that my digital brand needed an overhaul. Something that integrated all the new opportunities I’m perusing, without alienating all the stuff that got me to where I am now. Since I started out as a tech blogger, I decided to tackle that avenue first. Soooo…welcome to the new blog!

In-Flight Phone Users Coming To A Flight Near You?

I’ll be honest, I was pretty excited when the FAA finally concluded that I won’t bring the plane down if I use my iPad to read a digital magzine or listen to some music on my iPhone during takeoff or landing during a commercial flight. I mean, that’s what “airplane mode” is for right? Now, […]

I’m Speaking At Women Interactive

No, I am not a lady (I hope that’s obvious by now), but I support all aspiring and seasoned women digital entrepreneurs, so when I was asked by the organizers to be a panel guest for this year’s event, I was down for the cause. For those who don’t know, Women Interactive is a yearly […]

Apple Unveils New Products – What You Need To Know

I was able to catch the live-streamed Apple event on my iPad using Mobile Safari. Felt like it was the right thing to do since the “meat and potatoes” of the announcement was to let the world know that Apple has band-new, but classicly iterative iPads on the horizon. But there was more to the […]