Cyber Monday – Where I Shop for Tech Gear Online

If you want to get a good deal online and not be stressed out trying to log in at midnight just to get table scraps from the big name retailers, check out some not so known sites where I shop where you’re sure to get the same bang for your buck, if not more…

HBCU Homecoming iPhone App – Promoting Historically Black College’s Homecoming Activities

The HBCU Homecoming app lets you select from a list of Historically Black Colleges and Universities to find out what’s going on during Homecoming week…

A Song for Miles – The First African-American Digital Storybook

Content like A Song for Miles, that nurtures a child’s inquisitive nature and love of music and sounds, all while teaching valuable lessons and the importance of having good character are tools that all my old-school songs were all about…

“Relax, It’s Not That Deep” Apple Isn’t Going Anywhere

Take a step back, relax, and trust that the same Apple we have come to love (or vehemently loathe) will be the same Apple for YEARS to come sans Steve Jobs…

Microsoft and Apple team up?

Not directly, but Microsoft has come out in support of HTML5 instead of depending on Adobe Flash for video content on websites. Microsoft joins the already major group of companies and sites (including Apple, Google, etc.) that are moving to push HTML5 into the mainstream. This does nothing but make Adobe’s Flash platform less desirable […]

You guys are “Appholes”

‘Daily Show’ anchor Jon Stewart share his thoughts on  the recent iPhone prototype feud between Apple and Tech Site Gizmodo The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c

Apple having a rough time convincing companies to provide content for iPad

Looks like Appleis running into some last-minute trouble getting content providers to provide content for the iPad. The device goes on sale next week, and Apple has already seen plenty of pre-orders—even if those pre-orders may have quickly fallen off. The deal is that Apple had wanted to offer TV subscriptions alongside the device’s launch, […]

Net Neutrality…a Brotha’s Take

The term “Net Neutrality” pertains to the arena of residential broadband networks. A neutral network is free of hardware, communication, content, and service restrictions. What this means is if you pay for a certain level of access, you are guaranteed access to all that falls within that level of access. So if you pay for […]

A Mac Fanboy’s Apology

…not a real apology (I doubt if you would get any real apology for ANY true fanboy of anything), but the following memo is what Jon Fort, senior writer for envisions an apology from a Mac Fanboy would look like if in fact an apology to Microsoft were in order: “I’m sorry, Microsoft. On […]

IPhone 3GS…You are NOT the father