4 Questions To Ask When Buying The Best External Hard Drive

Computers are getting smaller and faster. Most people have decided to ditch their desktop computer in favor of an ultra portable laptop. As computers get smaller, so does their storage capacity. Now most people think the cloud is the way to go for device backup and storage management as online storage gets cheaper, but there’s nothing like physical storage space to do the “heavy lifting” of everyday tasks. So here are questions your should ask yourself when choosing the best external Hard Drive for your needs.

1. Do you need an external Hard Drive for all your devices?

When was the last time you backed up your tablet or smartphone? Most of us have a laptop, tablet, and smartphone that we keep in daily rotation. That means more storage space to manage and ensure it’s all backed up properly. For a one stop shop drive for all you devices, I recommend the Seagate Backup Plus 1TB portable external Hard Drive that includes software that makes it easy to backup photos and videos from your mobile devices.

2. Are you clumsy rough on your gadgets?

If you’re always on the go, its easy to just unplug your hard drive, throw it in your bag and keep it moving. You have to remember that all your data is on that drive. If something were to happen to that drive…[fill in the blank]. To play it safe, you may want to invest in a more rugged drive to make sure your data isn’t bumped and banged into non existence. I recommend the Lacie Rugged 1TB portable external Hard Drive. It may be bulky (and orange), but with its shock and drop resistant rubber sleeve, it’s guaranteed to take whatever punishment you can dish out.

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Seagage Seven external Hard Drive via BrothaTech

Ultra-sexy Seagate Seven external Hard Drive. Can you tell which drive is on my wish-list?

3. Are you concerned about security?

Everybody is getting hacked and data stolen and leaked these days. Don’t think you’re little operation is so invisible that somebody wouldn’t capitalize on the perfect opportunity to walk off with your drive and all the sensitive data stored on those little discs. Let’s not forget all those times you almost left your computer behind on the subway, taxi, or airplane. If you’re data needs to remain under lock and key, a drive like the WD My Passport Ultra 1TB portable external Hard Drive includes software that lets you add a password to your drive, and encrypts your data to protect it from unauthorized use or access.

Side note: Using built-in Mac or PC software and services, it’s possible to encrypt and password-protect any drive to keep you data secure.

4. Do your gadgets need to be sexy?

I can’t front, I like beautiful gadgets. Even though Hard Drives have mostly been function over form, there’s nothing wrong with a drive that resembles a piece of artwork, all while backing up your data. The Seagate Seven 500GB portable external Hard Drive sports an slim industrial all steel design that would put most hardware to shame. Even the USB 3.0 premium-braided cable is fly-er than most.

Other things to consider

You did know that using one hard drive between a Mac and a PC is not as simple as unplugging from one and plugging into another? File formats between the two operating systems can be different out of the box. You can buy Hard Drives that are pre-formatted for either a Mac or PC, or you can format a Drive to work for your specific operating system. Once it’s formatted for one, it may not be compatible for the other. If you’re a cross-platform household, and you need your drive to work for both Mac and Pac, there is a way to format a drive to work for both. But there are drawbacks (like individual file size) to consider when using a format that works for both.

Computers are indeed getting sleeker and faster, but there are some standards that you still should adhere to when it comes to your data. Keeping your important files in multiple formats in multiple locations is the least you can do.

All of the drives I recommended have different colors and storage capacity options, and are pretty affordable as well. So please, don’t go start a GoFundMe campaign just to fund the purchase of an external Hard Drive


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  • Darryl Brooks

    Terrance, need to backup 3 laptops and one has a 1TB hard drive, what do you recommend?

    • Terrance Gaines

      As a rule of thumb, you always want DOUBLE the amount of storage capacity for a backup drive. If your two Hard Drives have up to 500GB, and on drive has 1TB = 2TB, I would suggest a 4TB Hard Drive to make sure you have room to grow. I’m a fan of Seagate products, so my suggestion would be the Seagate Expansion 4TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive –> http://techb.ro/1Maxjrb

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