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Closing Out 2013 Black Enterprise’s Black Blogger Month Acknowledgements

BrothaTech acknowledged during Black Enterprise 2013 Black Blogger MonthI need to do more shameless plugging, self-promoting, and downright bragging on myself. So here goes:

Ya’ boy is running the anchor-leg (had to find a better way to say last) of this year’s Black Blogger Month on Black Enterprise!

Some Most of my idols in the Digital/New Media space have been honored with the distinction before me, so that makes it even sweeter that this year I get to sport the Black Blogger Month badge in my site’s sidebar.

If you’re not familiar, every year for an entire month, Black Enterprise acknowledges some pretty dope folks who are paving their own way via Digital Media. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, doesn’t matter what your subject matter, niche, or area of expertise is, Black Blogger Month is a “celebration of the most impactful and successful voices in the online space.”

Like I said before, many great names I look up to, have been able to meet in person, and call friend have been honored, so it’s just cool that I was even considered to follow along in their foot steps. But enough about them (this is about me dang-nabbit), check out my 2013 Black Blogger Month entry and find out how the BrothaTech blog, brand, and business got started (and who pushed me to start a blog in the first place). I also talk about how I measure sucess, what I would be doing if I wasn’t blogging, and my advice for those looking to get into this digital game.

Black Blogger Month: BrothaTech, Breaking Tech Talk Down for the Masses

“Brooklyn we did it!”

Terrance GainesClosing Out 2013 Black Enterprise’s Black Blogger Month Acknowledgements
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  • Tori - July 30, 2013 reply

    Dopeness my friend!!

    BrothaTech - July 30, 2013 reply


  • Krystal Grant - July 30, 2013 reply

    Yay! Congrats. Now, about my broken laptop…….

    BrothaTech - July 30, 2013 reply

    LOL! Oh wait…

  • Ella Rucker - July 30, 2013 reply

    Brotha Tech! I’m loving this. Very proud to say you are one of the best Black Bloggers in the biz and that I’ve ever met! Congrats!

    BrothaTech - July 30, 2013 reply

    Awww thanks!

  • Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt - July 30, 2013 reply

    Congrats!! Well deserved!!!

  • @Daman - July 30, 2013 reply

    Very well done sir, and my favorite spot to see what to get when I have a few extra $$$ :-)

    BrothaTech - July 30, 2013 reply

    This means I need to stay on top of my game

    @Daman - August 15, 2013 reply

    When you’re doing what you love it’s a lot easier. There’s definitely a genuine passion for unwrapping boxes of new electronics on here, something I have always enjoyed.

  • Tatiana King - July 30, 2013 reply

    Awesome!!! So happy for you!!!!!

    BrothaTech - July 30, 2013 reply

    Thanks Ms. Lady

  • Aly - July 31, 2013 reply

    Wow, so cool! Congratulations.

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