Dekke Slope Tablet Stand – SECURE Gadget Elegance

Most of the tablet stands I’ve used have done a good job of making sure my iPad stays put when in use. The problem is, they are not as sexy as my iPad is, so the experience…Just gets the job done.

When the folks at Dekke asked me to try out the sleek Slope tablet stand with an unconventional way to hold my iPad, I had to test it out to see how good the stand looks, and how good it holds.

The first thing I noticed when you see Slope is how close it matches the iPad…Gives off the impression that Slope was made in the same factory as all the aluminum Apple products. It also looks…simple. No hooks, clips, or claps – Just a black pad that’s supposed to grip the back of an iPad.

And grip it does. Slope has two Nanofoam suction pads: One pad that grips the back of my iPad, and the that other can be used to mount the stand to a smooth, clean surface. No solution or prep needed. All I had to do is remove the protective film off the pad, slap on my iPad, and the suction of the Nanofoam does the rest.

dekke slope tablet stand grip via BrothaTechThe amount of grip Slope had on my iPad seemed impossible. The first time I mounted my iPad, I positioned a towel under my iPad to make sure that when it fell, there was some cushion to break the fall. After a couple of hours, it was obvious, my iPad wasn’t going anywhere.

In the instructions that came packed with Slope, it mentions to NOT leave your tablet stuck to the Nanofoam pads overnight, or stick the bottom pad to glass for the first couple of days…It’s that strong. After while, exposure to the air and dust would normalize the pads for average usage.

Removing my iPad from Slope was as simple as gently peeling my iPad from the stand starting at one corner. To re-apply, I simply re-positioned my Pad on Slope and applied a just little bit of pressure for continuous suction. Of course, Slope won’t work if you already have an exterior case, so to use Slope, you’re tablet will have to be naked.

I must admit, Slope made me want to use my iPad more. I haven’t upgraded to an iPad Air because I don’t use my tablet as much as I used to. I guess the buzz around tablets has worn off for me. But mounting my iPad to Slope made using my iPad around house for things like displaying my Sonos Library, or using it as an 2nd monitor for my MacBook Pro more pleasant and thus, re-occuring.

dekke slope tablet stand_second display via BrothaTech

As beautiful and usable it is, my only gripe with Slope is that it’s not portable. It would’ve been dope if Slope had a hinge that would let it fold flat to pack in a bag so I could use it no matter where I was. I’m assuming Slope was made to be more of a display piece rather than an all-purpose tablet stand. Maybe the folks at Dekke will expand their line to include a more portable stand. Just so long as they give a Brotha some credit if the product shows up in their inventory.

dekke slope tablet stand_suction pad

Another challenge is that extended exposure to air and dust will reduce the strength of the pads. But it’s only temporary, as wiping the pads with a damp cloth will clean the pads and restore their strength.

The elegantly secure Slope is made to complement the beauty of an iPad while playing the background. If you’re looking to show off your full-size 10” tablet or smaller 7” tablet (so long as they have a smooth, non-pourous back) on a table top, Slope tablet stand by Dekke is the stand to get.

Disclaimer: I have received the Slope iPad stand in order to conduct this review. All opinions in this post are my own.