Do not upgrade to macOS X Mojave

Do This One Thing Before Upgrading to macOS X Mojave

For all my non-mac snobs, the latest Apple operating system was recently made available to the public. macOS X Mojave drops some new features that focus of productivity and efficiency that I have been looking forward to for quite some time.

So I backed up all my Macs to get ready for the upgrade. Some of my other Mac IT admins hipped me to the fact that they haven’t had the best of luck upgrading to Mojave. So I did some research and low and behold, I will have to put the breaks on upgrading my Macs for a while.

Why? Because not all 3rd-party Mac apps and services are not compatible with Mojave…yet. Specifically, my cloud backup service of choice: BackBlaze (click for more info)

If you know me (or are one of my clients), you know that I HEAVILY advocate that you all adopt a backup strategy. Specifically, I urge my clients to use the BackBlaze cloud backup service. I use it for my personal devices, and therefore feel comfortable recommending and setting up the service for all who will listen (and pay).

Suffice to say, I was a little bummed that I have to hold off on all the goodies packed into Mojave. On the flip side, I can’t upgrade if one of my crucial services will not function properly right out of the gate.

So the ONE thing I would suggest any of you looking to upgrade to macOS X Mojave do is check with the developers of all your important apps and services to make sure they compatible BEFORE you upgrade.

You’re welcome

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