Dropbox vs. Box Comparison – Michael Moore vs. Mitt Romney

Dropbox vs Box comparison or Mitt Romney vs Micheal Moore via BrothaTech.com

There are many cloud storage services out there that makes it very easy to sync your data across multiple devices, collaborate with family, friends, and team members, as well as backup your data in case of primary device data loss. Two of the most notable are Dropbox and Box who either, depending on who you talk to, are the best at what they do.

The question is, “What do they do?” We know you can use both on just about all your devices to store, sync, and share all your cloud data. We know they can support personal and business files. We know a large number of people use them on a daily basis.

To put it another way, is there one area where Dropbox is better than Box or vice versa? Software Advice is a (you guessed it) software review and suggestion service that recently conducted an in-depth review of both Dropbox and Box in several key areas to see which one is a better fit for your particular needs:

Security and access
Technology and Syncing
Document collaboration
Device authorization
Mobile support
User experience
Photo and Video
Version, archiving and audit trail
Support and help

Additionally, the comparison jokingly does a right/left comparison of the two services with Box landing on the Mitt Romney right, and Dropbox assuming the Michael Moore left spot. If you thought cloud storage was just cloud storage no matter what service you pick, here is a snippet of the comparison.

Box vs Dropbox comparison via BrothaTech.com

As you can see, the comparison offers insight on many aspects of the two services in hopes to not just declare which one is better overall, but to help you decide which one is better for you. Be sure to check out the full comparison from Software Advice and let me know what you think.

Terrance Gaines

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