eBay Security Breached – Change Passwords Now!

More of a warning than a full blog post, but I want my peeps to be safe online, so I just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know that the word on the street is that eBay has been breached and its alleged that somebody got access to a database filled with encrypted (unscrambled) passwords…in addition to other user information.

According to eBay officials, the breach happened between February and March, and was discovered two weeks ago. No financial data has been stolen, and eBay users haven’t been complaining about fraudulent activity on their accounts. Just to be transparent, eBay will start notifying users of the issue later today, and instruct them to change their passwords.

I use eBay at least a couple times a month to buy and sell things, so you better believe I changed my password immediately. If you’re just a buyer, or have a full-fledged virtual shop stood up inside of eBay, you might want to take heed and ‘make that change’…No Mike Jack.

…And while you’re at it, come up with a more complex password than your first name and birth date backwards ADD add 2-Step authentication as well. #JustSayin