How To Enable iPhone Trackpad Mode

Usually, when composing a text/IM message, quick note, or social media reply, I normally use my iPhone’s voice dictation to type what I say, then I go back and edit. Pressing and holding the screen to wait for the little “magnifying glass” to appear so I can move the cursor where I want can be a pain.

On the iPhone 6S and up, you can use the 3D Touch feature to firmly press anywhere on the keyboard and with better precision, drag to cursor to exactly where you want it to go. Press harder, you can quickly select a word, or a group of text in order to accomplish more tasks.

Play around with it and you’ll find that this is extremely easier (and cooler) than placing and holding your finder on the screen and waiting for the magnifying glass to show.

Normally, I’m pretty hip to iPhone tips and tricks, but I was sleep on this “iPhone trackpad mode”, and when my barber told my wife (yes, we have the same barber) who subsequently told me about this trick – It blew my mind and had to create a quick little video.

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