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I recently finished drafting a tech article for a print magazine. I recently started drafting all my posts for other sites in Evernote so I can just share the note via link in an email. With this magazine, I need to keep an eye on my word count, but I refuse to compose in Word for Mac, or mess with Google Docs. Since (for some strange reason) Evernote for Mac doesn’t currently have a word count function when you draft a note, I prayed to the Google Search Gods for an answer. All signs pointed to the Evernote User Forum and an AppleScript file that did the trick.

As I am finding out more an more, working with AppleScripts are pretty easy. This one for counting words in Evernote is no different. I didn’t even have to create the script…

Download the script from here (somebody already did the hard part)

Open file and “save as”

  • Change the filename/location to something you can remember
  • Change the file format to “application”

Open an Ever-note and run the application

The end result is a nice little box giving you the word count.

evernote word count results

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Word on the street is that the latest Evernote Mac Beta adds file size and other info. (including word count) when you want to see your note’s details. So if you’re into beta’s like me, check out the latest Evernote for Mac Beta, if not, this is a cool little trick involving AppleScripts (for those of you who like to tinker).

For the rest of you, cross your fingers and hope this makes an official appearance.

Downloading in 3, 2, 1…

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