My favorite 3D Touch Features you will love too

Two 3D Touch Features You Will Use All the Time

I got a ton of feedback from last week’s “iPhone Keyboard Trackpad” video from last week. Since I know a ton of you are still sleeping on the 3D Touch feature available in iPhone 6S and later devices, I decided to shoot a follow up video putting on display my two most frequently-used 3D Touch features.

The first one is ‘Quick Actions’ and it lets you (you guessed it) quickly perform app-related actions before even opening the app. By pressing and applying pressure to app icons, a fly-out menu will appear with certain actions listed. While still pressing the icon, you can slide your finger to the action you want to use, and the app will open and put you right into that specific feature.

The second 3D Touch feature I use all the time is called ‘Peek and Pop’ – Which honestly is the lamest name ever. So I changed it to ‘Quick View’. To make a long story short, you can preview content without even opening said content.

For example, if you get an email with a link in the message, you can use 3D Touch to preview the contents of the URL without actually taking the time of clicking on the link and waiting for the link to open in a new browser window. This saves time and stops you from clicking crap links in newsletters you never even subscribed to in the first place. Or worse – Opening a link that immediately downloads a virus or malware to your device.

3D Touch works best on native iPhone apps, but 3rd-Party developers are also taking advantage of the functionality.

What’s your most used 3D Touch feature? Drop a line in the comment section

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