Finding My Passion #2: All Apple Everything?

BrothaTech iPhone Wallpaper

I even added another Apple logo to my Apple gear

I was listening to my boys on the Simple Mobile Review Podcast on the commute to work this morning and it never ceases to amaze how excited they are about their favorite (or in Robb’s case infamous) brands.

Now I claim to be the “Jack of All Tech” but my new header, bio pic, and the majority of my articles are Apple/Mac based. I own just about all Apple products (with the exception of the Amazon Kindle Fire I bought for Mrs. Tech…when all she really wanted was an interchangeable purse, my bad sweetie). I also just recently decided to get certified in Apple hardware/software. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that I’m thinking about focusing my blog to cover even more Apple topics


I am currently working with my “tech wonder-twin” to help me discover what i’m passionate about and I can say that my affinity for all things Apple certainly does that. Even though their prices are nothing to sneeze at, and no matter how “magical” Apple execs want their products to appear, Apple hardware/software currently isn’t doing anything that other brands can’t do; I can appreciate how elegant & sophisticated, but simple & user-friendly Apple’s products are. For the most part “they just work”. In a nutshell, that’s why I drank the kool-aid and became a convert several years ago.

Now for the longest, I’ve wanted to please everybody, so I’ve talked about a number of other brands for fear of losing the interest of somebody I influence who comes to my site or asks me for advice about other products/devices/services, etc. Also, I kind of felt I would be loosing some of my “tech juice” in the eyes of my own peers.

As a techie in general, I will continue to talk about various tech subjects when I write for other sites, or guest post/podcast, etc. I will also make sure to mention relevant information about other technology subjects/brands as well. But 2012 is the year that I do what gets me excited, so that means look forward to me using my swagger (are people still using that word?) to talk “All Apple Everything”.

Lil' Tech & her Leapster

Lil' Tech's Edu-gamer

Tech 2.0 & her "laptop"

Tech 2.0 crunching numbers at Christmas time

Since this is also my personal site in conjunction to being about technology, I will still talk about tech that is important to me, even if it may not be directly related to Apple. You will still see me reference Mrs. Tech (aka, Chief Financial Officer aka, Claire Obama…a mash-up of Claire Huxtable and Michelle Obama if you didn’t catch the reference) in some of my posts. I will also start to add more images of cute little girls, especially if they are using technology – shameless plug to brands who want to spread the word about your family-oriented products…*Call me*

Yes, I could break out my Apple tech and my personal/family tech into two sites that I would imagine could both do well with me behind the keyboard…but honestly, I don’t have the time to be messing around with managing multiple sites. I’ve got enough going on if my life right now. So you (the reader) are just gonna have to deal.

You mad?




  • ArtDeal

    Nah, aint mad at ya. Go head and do ya thang! I am a fan 4life.

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