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Tires...I haz them

My body is definitely NOT what’s hot in the streets right now. Since we’ve moved down to ATL I’ve noticed that there are a bunch of sexy people running around being all sexy and such. So I’ve decided to go find my sexy, who’s currently hiding somewhere in my old college dorm room. I have several fitness apps on my iPhone, but none of them comes close to the beauty, complexity, and community of the Fitocracy app. So I loaded it up and will be using it to…

*What’s another way to say bring sexy back? ‘Cause the last time I checked, that phrase if pretty old…and a #ManLaw violation*

Let me start off by saying that this is one of the nicest looking apps I’ve seen, period – From the layout to the functionality…the app makes you want to workout just so you can interact with it. You don’t have to just use the iOS app either, you can also visit the Fitocracy website and manage your account if you’re too tired after a workout to mess with your smartphone.

The primary focus of Fitocracy for iOS is to provide a simple way to track your daily exercise routine, no matter how you workout. You can view/add your activities by day, and there appears to be no limit to the types of exercises you can track. Just find the day and tap the “track” button, find your exercise and how much (time, reps, sets, etc.) and complete your workout. With Fitocracy, you just don’t find workouts, the app also gives you a brief description of the exercise and gives you the option of doing it now or adding it to your list while you “continue shopping” for other exercises. Fitocracy also suggests “achievements” if you need a quick workout to complete, but don’t feel like browsing the database.

Fitocracy Track ScrrenFitocracy exercise description

Fitocracy achievements

Another cool tidbit about Fitocracy is that it gamify’s working out, so you get points for every workout you complete. There are different levels, achievements, badges, quests, challenges and a leaderboard so you can see how you stack up against your friends or everybody using Fitocracy.

Fitocracy points

As you log more workouts, your profile gets compiled on the “you” tab where you can see all of your data for a better picture of your progress. Again, the app is pretty dope – The “you” tab reminds me of those cool Windows Phone Metro tiles that you can flip through to view your without navigating to another screen.

Fitocracy You tab

In addition to just tracking your workout routine and competing against other users, Fitocracy is a social network where you can chat with your friends and see their progress, or join different groups and follow other “Fitocrats” in hopes that you can learn more about fitness and gain the support you need, versus just trying to emulate what you’ve seen on TV or what somebody else did in the gym.

Groups on Fitocracy

The only knock I have against the app is that you can choose to share your workouts, achievements, etc. via Facebook and Twitter, but from what I can tell, if somebody wants to view that info, they need a Fitocracy account. I think there should be a public page where anybody can see your shares, similar to what Instagram does.

According to the app’s creators “Our mission is to make exercise more addictive and accessible for everyone. Join the best fitness community around and finally reach your goals.” Fitocracy is definitely on the right track. The question is, can I use the Fitocracy app to stay on the right track to sexiness?

Time will tell.

If you want to join me on my quest, Download the Fitocracy app for iOS, or visit the Fitocracy website and follow me “BrothaTech”…and let me know what you think in the comments section.

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