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GEAR - Nomad Wallet with iPhone Charger via BrothaTech

I’ve seen several women’s clutches (Yes I know what a clutch is) with built-in smartphone chargers, so I figured I’d give you the lowdown on the Nomad Wallet for men that includes a charger to keep your iPhone powered up throughout the day.

Now I’m a fan of minimalist wallets that are just big enough to hold a couple of credit/debit cards and some emergency cash, but I will make an exception for a larger and more traditional leather bi-fold wallet that also doubles as an charger for my iPhone.

Just in case you need the specs, this is not some lame wallet with a whimpy changer. On the design side, the Nomad wallet is made of rugged saffiano leather and has 8 slots for your cards. On the tech side it includes a MFI-certified Lightning cable for compatible iPhones (preferably the iPhone 6/6S), and a 2400 mAH battery that can fully charge your iPhone one time.

Putting a smartphone charger in a wallet makes perfect sense – The TWO things that men carry everywhere are our wallets…and our phones. So the ability to use one daily essential as an accessory to another, is too much like right.

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